Are The Pearl Brows From Gucci A Thing Now?

For the past few years, brows have quite possibly been the most fun feature to play with — and there's no doubt that beauty enthusiasts have gotten wildly creative with brow creations, from accessories to shaping styles. Next up? Quite possibly, the pearl brows on the Gucci Cruise '18 runway. They make an avant garde statement that's still classy AF.

With the rate we've been seeing new brow trends since 2015 or so, it makes sense that we're due for a new craze. We've cycled through rainbow brows, bleached brows, barbed wire brows, feathered brows, carved brows, blinged-out brows, glitter brows, and more, and I actually think Gucci makes a strong case for pearl brows. They're absolutely eye-catching, but surprisingly, not obnoxious. They balance the line between dainty and bold.

In Gucci's version, there's a row of medium-sized pearls over each bleached brow. Natural skin and minimal makeup keeps the look from being too over-the-top (well, as least, as much as possible when we're talking about pearl brows). For the look IRL, I might consider putting a few teeny pearls in a row near the tail of one brow — a little more subtle than the runway version, but still a bold beauty move.

Here's the look in action at Florence's Pitti Palace, complementing an ornate gown that feels so Gucci.

Pietro D'Aprano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Here's another angle to analyze — from the looks of it, each brow has 12 or 13 pearls each.

Brows weren't actually the biggest pearl statement at the show, though. Behold, a full-on pearl cap, complete with a full-on pearl chinstrap:

Pietro D'Aprano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

No one could miss you in a head accessory like this. It's part renaissance, part space age.