The 'AHS: 1984' Cast Includes Tons Of Fan Faves — And An Olympian


For Season 9 of American Horror Story, series creator Ryan Murphy is transporting viewers — and the AHS: 1984 cast — to summer camp in the year 1984. Per usual, there are a bunch of Murphy-verse alums bringing the story to life (or death, as is more accurate for this show), but there are also a few new faces in the mix. So while it's not quite the epic, season-spanning AHS reunion that Apocalypse was, the slasher-themed story should still make for a bloody good time.

Details about AHS are usually kept tightly under wraps, but back in July, Murphy did announce some of the main players in the cast on Instagram. While Jessica Lange isn't coming back after her triumphant and Emmy-nominated return in Season 8 and Evan Peters won't be involved for the first time in the entirety of the show, there's still a lot to be excited for. Sure, the whole Coven and Murder House gangs won't be getting back together to take down the antichrist again, but don't let that get you down — all the murdering will do that for you. Instead, get excited about all the actors you will see when AHS: 1984 premieres Sept. 18.

Emma Roberts


Emma Roberts made her AHS debut with bad witch Madison Montgomery in Coven. Since then, she's appeared in Freak Show, Cult, and Apocalypse, as well as Murphy's Fox show Scream Queens. For 1984, her character looks particularly prim and proper, but she might be dealing with some trauma since the trailer shows she was once attacked by a man with a knife while in bed. And she'll be reliving that nightmare once again as a camp counselor.

Cody Fern


Between his turns in The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story and AHS: Apocalypse, Cody Fern has quickly become a Murphy favorite. In 1984, he plays a character who gets everyone at his aerobics studio to become counselors at the horror-filled summer camp.

Billie Lourd


Like Roberts, Billie Lourd is both a Scream Queens and AHS veteran, which she joined for Cult and Apocalypse — and ended up being the most powerful witch of all. She gave the middle finger in the cast introduction video, so expect her character to be the polar opposite of Roberts'.

Gus Kenworthy


Gus Kenworthy is best known for being a freestyle skier and one of the first openly gay American Olympians in history. For his role in 1984, he'll be able to show off his athleticism as one of the jazzercisers. And while this is certainly his biggest part yet, it may surprise you to know Kenworthy has a few other acting credits, including Sharknado 5: Global Swarming.

DeRon Horton


Another newcomer to AHS is DeRon Horton of Dear White People and American Vandal. He only appears a few times in the trailer, but he's another jazzerciser-turned-counselor.

Leslie Grossman


Grossman first worked with Murphy for Popular, his late '90s/early 2000s teen comedy. She joined the AHS team for Cult and Apocalypse, and now plays the leader of the camp in 1984.

Matthew Morrison


Although he starred in Murphy's Glee, Matthew Morrison has never been in a season of AHS until now. He's barely noticeable in the trailer, but him, his mustache, and his, err, package are prominent in the cast teaser video that Murphy shared.

Angelica Ross


Angelica Ross had a major breakthrough with her role as Candy on Pose, and fans will be delighted to see her join the AHS family as Nurse Rita of Camp Redwood. As Ross celebrated on Instagram, this makes her the first trans performer to ever have two series regular roles.

Zach Villa

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Zach Villa can't really be spotted in the trailer, but fans have speculated that he's playing real-life serial killer Richard Ramirez. He's previously appeared in Bordertown and Shameless, but may be best known as Evan Rachel Wood's former fiancé and Rebel and a Basketcase bandmate.

John Carroll Lynch

Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After terrorizing people as Twisty the Clown in Freak Show and Cult, Lynch is traveling to the '80s to embody Mr. Jingles, who is responsible for the "worst summer massacre of all time."

Sarah Paulson?!

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Though AHS regular Sarah Paulson won't be a main part of the cast, she hinted that she might briefly appear in 1984 to Entertainment Tonight at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier in September

With a cast like this, it's kind of hard to be upset about the missing AHS alums. Plus, once 1984 gets going, you'll be too distracted by all the horror to even notice.