The Bustle Huddle: What Bustle's Editors Are Talking About On Dec. 28

By Melissa Mills

Happy Wednesday! The good news? Most of you are probably still enjoying some time off for the holidays (or at least a pretty low-key week back at work), hopefully with some leftover treats and comfy clothes. The bad news? It's still 2016. But we're officially 4 days away from 2017 and, come on, 2016 wasn't all bad – right? Right...

Well, no matter how you're spending the week between the holidays and New Year's – from marathoning your favorite shows to finishing off the last of those candy canes to planning out your NYE makeup look – we've got you covered. But don't jump ahead too fast! Here's what Bustle's editors were buzzing about today. You know, so you can at least pretend you're staying in the loop this week.

Gloria Steinem + Women's March

On January 21, the day after President-elect Trump's inauguration, more than 200,000 people plan to take to D.C. in a mass protest. Despite location setbacks, the event just got sweeter with this week's news: Gloria Steinem will be co-chairing the Women's March on Washington.

"Our constitution does not begin with ‘I, the President.’ It begins with, 'We, the People,'" Steinem said of the announcement. "I am proud to be one of thousands who have come to Washington to make clear that we will keep working for a democracy in which we are linked as human beings, not ranked by race or gender or class or any other label." 2017's looking pretty good right about now, huh?

Inauguration Update: Speaking of Trump's inauguration, here's who you can expect to perform on Jan. 20. Hint: the list is a little short.

Drake + Jennifer Lopez

Are Drake and Jennifer Lopez dating?! That's the question on everyone's mind since both Drake and J. Lo posted the same, super cuddly photo on Instagram on Tuesday evening. Behold exhibit A:

See what we mean? Now, there's no *real* proof that the two are dating, but Drake recently attended two of J. Lo's concerts and Billboard pointed out that Rihanna also unfollowed Jennifer Lopez on Instagram over the holiday weekend. So nothing's official, but the duo definitely appears to be getting quite close.

Quote of the Day: "I refuse to believe that Drake and J. Lo are dating because of one Instagram" says Samantha Rullo, Bustle's TV Editor & resident Drake aficionado. "This isn’t the first time Drake has posted a vague photo with another celebrity (see: this Taylor Swift photo), so this could simply be a case of trolling for likes. I wish I could say Drake was above that, but the more he posts suggestive photos with no caption for context, the more I wonder what exactly he’s willing to do for the ‘gram."

Ariana Grande + Victim Blaming

Late Tuesday night, Ariana Grande took to Twitter to speak out about a male fan objectifying her. According to Grande, a male fan approached her while she was out to dinner with boyfriend Mac Miller and said, "Ariana is sexy as hell, man, I see you. I see you hitting that."

While some fans backed up the 23-year-old singer for speaking up about the incident, Grande also received negative backlash for the way she dresses and expresses her sexuality – a clear example of victim blaming, for which Grande took to Twitter to speak out against once again:

PREACH. It's nice to see a celebrity with such a big platform standing up with such an important message.

Nick Viall + Bachelor

We're officially 5 days away from the premiere of The Bachelor (can't come soon enough!) and Nick Viall's spilling on the new season and his 30 contestants. Viall told People that he wanted his season to be as fair as possible:

I wanted us to be on the same playing field and both be just as empowered as the other person. I wanted to have an authentic relationship and that was something that was very important to me.

Sounds good so far, but I guess we'll see on Jan. 2 what Viall will bring to the table as he takes his third shot at love on the Bachelor franchise.


Even More Bachelor: Get your Bachelor Nation fix before this season starts by following Nick Viall's batch of contestants on Snapchat @-->---.

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