Bustle's Editors On DACA + James Franco

Happy Wednesday, fam! You're almost done with the week — YAY! We've got a whole host of news to cover, from James Franco to DACA to Serena Williams. Anyway, there is plenty to chat about, so here's what Bustle's editors have been focused on today, Jan. 10:

James Franco + Sexual Misconduct

Golden Globe winner James Franco is the latest celebrity to come under fire for sexual misconduct. Two women made allegations against the actor earlier this week. On Tuesday night, Franco appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where he was asked about the allegations directly. He denied them but doubled down on his support for the Time's Up movement.

WTF: Mark Wahlberg was paid nearly 1,500 times more than Michelle Williams for 10 days of reshoots for All The Money In The World, which were done to replace Kevin Spacey after allegations of sexual misconduct came to light. Williams is the top billed actor of the movie and received a Golden Globe nomination for her role.

DACA + New Ruling

Yesterday, Trump was part of a discussion with both Democrats and Republicans on immigration reform, and also on what to do about DACA recipients. If you remember, the DACA program gives undocumented immigrants who moved to the United States as children protection from deportation, amongst other things. Recipients (also known as Dreamers) have been in this country for several years, don't have criminal records, and often have college degrees and jobs.

While it's not totally clear what will happen post yesterday's meeting, a California judge issued a ruling that blocks the Trump administration's attempt at ending the program. This is a big win for recipients but does not guarantee protection in the long run.

Must-Read: One of Bustle's editors penned an essay about what it means to be "not-political" in the current climate.

Dunkin' Donuts + New Menu

Dunkin' Donuts is switching its menu up! And by switching, I mean getting rid of ten (!!) of its menu items — including the ham & cheddar sandwich and whole wheat bagels! These items will be phased out of locations by March, so now's the time to run to the nearest Dunkin' store and stock up while you can!

OMG: If you hated school meals as much as I did, you're going to be so jealous when you see the lunch menu at Prince George's school.

Serena Williams + Vogue

Serena Williams and her baby daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. are gracing the cover of Vogue's February issue and we have a few thoughts on the matter. Firstly, the cover and photoshoot are absolutely breathtaking. Secondly, she had a lot of say about her tennis career and why she is not at all close to giving up on her dreams. It's so inspiring — you go, Serena!

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