The Bustle Huddle: What Bustle's Editors Are Talking About On June 26

Happy Monday, everyone! If this week is already feeling too long, you're not alone. It's bound to feel that way when a long holiday weekend is in sight (is anyone else counting the seconds?!). Hopefully, the upcoming days will start flying by, so we can all be sipping margaritas and chilling on the beach in no time.

But for now, time to focus on Monday's news and events. Read on for a recap of all that happened today, Jun. 26.

The Travel Ban + The Supreme Court

On Monday morning, the Supreme Court partially reinstated Trump's travel ban, and agreed to hear the case, although people from the six Muslim-majority countries it affects who have green cards and visas will be permitted to enter regardless. Naturally, the president has responded, saying that the court's decision is a "clear victory for our national security." Don't start freaking out, though; the court still has to rule on the ban's constitutionality, which will be decided this fall.

Seriously?! Ivanka Trump says she tries to "stay out of politics." Suuuuure.

Harry Potter + A Huge Anniversary

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter, as The Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone originally came out in the UK on June 26, 1997. How crazy is that?! Of course, both fans and those involved with the series are taking the time to celebrate, including J.K. Rowling, whose tribute to Potter is as sweet as you'd expect. In honor of the big day, take Bustle's ultimate Harry Potter trivia quiz and test out your knowledge of the Boy Who Lived and all his friends.

Beybies Update: Beyonce and JAY-Z's twins have reportedly left the hospital and are home with their famous fam. Here's hoping everyone is doing OK!

Bachelor In Paradise + A New Statement

In an upcoming interview with E! News, Bachelor in Paradise star DeMario Jackson discusses the show's recent scandal over alleged sexual misconduct, saying that it was a "stressful" situation that took a toll on his whole family. It'll be interesting to see what else Jackson has to say about the scandal involving Corinne Olympios and himself when the full interview gets released.

LOL: Hot Steve Carell is taking over the internet, and for good reason. Hot damn.

T.J. Miller + That Interview

A new interview Silicon Valley star T.J. Miller gave about why he's leaving the show is causing quite a stir. The comedian throws some serious shade at the showrunner — which, as actor Allison Tolman pointed out, would've likely gotten him in trouble if he were a woman (Katherine Heigl, anyone?). Sigh.

Pro Tip: Rosé ice cream is a thing, now, and you're going to want this in your life all summer long.

The BET Awards + The Looks You Missed

Sunday night saw the 2017 BET Awards take place, and while the show itself was worth tuning in for, the red carpet looks were truly on another level. These 19 beauty moments from the BET Awards red carpet are unforgettable, and made the start of the night a must-see for all.

Shopping Break: If your summer dresses and off-the-shoulder shirts are leaving you unsure what to wear underneath, check out these nine adhesive bras, which you can count on to actually stay on.

Today's WTF Moment: A fidget spinner / lip balm combo exists, and yes, you're gonna want this crazy thing in your life ASAP.

What to Watch: Happy Bachelorette night! Tune in to ABC at 8 to check out the latest adventures in store for Rachel and her suitors.