Bustle's Editors On Chelsea Clinton + Selena Gomez

by Rachel Simon

It's almost the weekend, you guys! This week may have felt crazy slow thanks to the East Coast blizzard keeping many of us indoors on Tuesday, but we're finally inching toward the end. And to make matters even better, we're only four days away from the start of spring. Hell yes.

These last couple days of winter aren't exactly staying drama-free, though. Thursday contained plenty of news, from Trump's travel ban to Chelsea Clinton's next venture. Read on for a recap of Mar. 16's events.

The Travel Ban + Trump's Response

Great news came Wednesday night, when a federal judge in Hawaii granted a temporary order to block President Trump's travel ban nationwide. The ban was set to begin Thursday, and would've stopped people from six Muslim-majority countries from getting visas for 90 days. Unsurprisingly, Trump is not pleased with the decision, and his response was, um, passionate, to say the least.

Quote Of The Day: "You are actually a disgusting excuse for a President and we would love to have Barack Obama back. Also, you have tiny hands." — McDonald's official (and clearly hacked) Twitter account.

Chelsea Clinton + A Must-Read Children's Book

Bookworms, get excited: Chelsea Clinton is writing a children's picture book. Set for publication on May 30, the book, called She Persisted... will honor some of the many powerful and inspiring American women who've changed history, from Harriet Tubman to Helen Killer. Add this to your reading lists ASAP.

Say What?! A new Off-Broadway play called Her Opponent explores what the 2016 election might've been like if Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's genders were swapped. Buy your tickets now.

Kendall Jenner + A Scary Robbery

Poor Kendall. According to a TMZ report, an estimated $200,000 worth of items such as jewelry were stolen from the supermodel's home. The site claims that sources say the robbery was an inside job that occurred when Jenner had guests over at her house Wednesday night. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but here's hoping this case gets solved soon.

Bach Nation Update: The first Bachelorette filming photo is here! Rachel's season can't come soon enough.

Millennial Women + Money

Knowing how to best manage your money and prepare for your future can be intimidating, but that's no excuse not to do your research. Here are 55 reasons to be on top of your finances, from being able to pay off your student loans to finally realizing you can start that rainy day fund you've always dreamed of having.

OMG, '90s Kids: You can now apply to be a historical researcher for American Girl, ensuring the authenticity of each doll's story. Can anyone say dream job?!

Selena Gomez + Her First Vogue Cover

In her first-ever U.S. Vogue cover story, Selena Gomez not only gives a highly personal interview, but also rocks some seriously great brows. The photos from the shoot are gorgeous, and it's great to see Gomez, who has largely stayed out of the spotlight in recent months due to personal battles, seeming so confident and happy with herself.

Fun Fact: The most popular websites in the U.S. include Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon. Anyone surprised?

Today's WTF Moment: When they were in elementary school, Matthew Perry apparently beat up future Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Oh, man.

What to Watch: It's finally time for Beauty and the Beast! Head to the theater tonight to check out the remake of the '90s Disney classic.