Here's Where To Follow Each Of The Navarro Cheerleaders From 'Cheer' On Instagram

The cast of Cheer from Netflix

If, like me, you devoured Netflix's new docuseries Cheer over a single weekend and have spent significant time probing the depths of the mystery of what #FIOFMU stands for (I'm currently accepting your theories by email), you're probably struggling to leave behind your fascination with the mat. Judging by the Instagram accounts of the Cheer cast, so are they. Because while these phenomenal specimens of cheerleading prowess sometimes post Christmas snaps or vacation selfies, most stick to pom-poms, pyramids, and posing with their mammoth National Championship trophy. Because no matter where or when you are, if you're a Navarro cheerleader, it's always springtime in Daytona.

The good news is the cast of Cheer is pretty active online, posting tons of promotion for the Netflix series but also photos of them hanging out when the TV cameras aren’t lurking. Sometimes, they’re not even in sports bras or anything #Rebel. So while the fate of Season 2 remains uncertain, it’s easy to glimpse what the squad is up to: who has moved on from the long, grueling two-a-days of Corsicana, Texas and where they’re cheering now, and who is coming back to Narvarro for another 2 minute shot at the national title.

Monica Aldama

The account of head coach Aldama, which boasts over 100,000 followers, offers proof that life goes on in Corsicana, Texas even when Netflix cameras aren't there to capture it. For example, last fall and 13 championships too late, Aldama was inducted into the Navarro College Athletic Hall of Fame. Also, we all missed tryouts.

Lexi Brumback

What did Lexi do to get kicked off the squad? Who knows, who cares. She's a Capricorn.

Gabi Butler

Butler may have gone home to Florida and her controlling stage parents, but her recent IG posts are genuine odes to her Navarro teammates. To take just one example, this tribute to La'Darius Marshall: "you always pushed me and brought out the side of me that I never thought, even I would see and told me that I could do anything that I believed I could do and even though we didn’t always see eye to eye we always ended up getting it together in the end ❤️"

James Thomas

On his own cheer-sessed account, Thomas posted about how the KING of mat talk Jerry Harris lifts him up when he's down. Or, in Thomas' words, "what would a bad girl do. Would they just let the cranberry juice just be thrown on them. Would they just let they’re hair be pulled and get beat up. NO! They fight right back."

Jerry Harris

Jerry's life is a complicated enigma with a timeline I need someone to explain to me, please. After numerous posts in a Louisville cheer uniform, he appears to be back at Navarro for, as he puts it, Round 3.

Morgan Simianer

Simianer, who has been doing the press tour with Monica and Jerry, appears to be dating Brad Markey, who appears to play minor league baseball.

La'Darius Marshall

Marshall has sadly hung up his Navarro uniform so even if we get a season two, it's unlikely the passionate, combustible heart of the 2018-2019 squad will be there. The only solace to be found in this difficult time is that Marshall self-identifies as "Cheerleader turned Public Figure", which I take to mean he will find his way back onto our screens.


Mackenzie "Sherbs" Sherburn rivals Jerry and Morgan for the spontaneous outbursts of Instagram affection she inspires from her teammates. She's left Navarro, but still cheers with Austin Bayles at Texas Tech.

Austin Bayles

Austin, now at Texas Tech, wears glasses sometimes.

Allie Ross

This North Carolina flyer has perhaps the most cheer-centric IG of all. Her bestie is Justin Hinsley. Her besties plural are Hinsley, Austin, Morgan, Brooke Dumas, and Ryan Bartley. Her #roomie4life is Kassidy Warnol. Her queen is, obviously, Monica.

Justin Bouvier

Tough-talking Justin "attitude is everything" Bouvier's IG is a confection of flowers, his cute dog, and OTT corny but adorable relationship snaps.

TT Barker

TT did not have a significant storyline of his own in Season 1, but he's heading back to Navarro for a third year. Last one, best one.

Ashlee Sawai

A fact that Cheer hid from us is that this girl found love on the mat. Now, she and Navarro squad member Sydney Andalio are living and cheering together in New Zealand.

Will Hernandez

There is reason to believe that Will Hernandez has been working on his stamina.

Andy Cosferent

On top of being Monica's right-hand man, Andy is the owner of CheerSource: "We are not in the cheerleading business teaching people, we are in the people business teaching cheerleading!"

The Official Account

If reading this post leads to you becoming a member of the Navarro squad, you can repay the favor by telling me what FIOFMU means.