Kit Harington Did Spoil A 'Game Of Thrones' Finale For Rose Leslie, But Not The One We Thought

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Jon Snow might know nothing, but it turns out that Ygritte might know a little bit too much about what happens on Game of Thrones. Rose Leslie recently confirmed that Kit Harington spoiled the Game of Thrones finale for her. He just didn't spoil the series finale.

In late January, Harington appeared on UK radio program Kiss Breakfast Show, and recounted that when his wife and former co-star Leslie found out how Game of Thrones ends, she was so upset that she didn't speak to him. According to the Digital Spy, Harington confessed, "I told my wife last year how it ended, and she wouldn't talk to me for about three days. And she'd asked!" Naturally, her extreme reaction made fans a little nervous about the potential series ending, so Leslie recently clarified to Entertainment Weekly that her husband left out a few details about the incident. Harington's story might have been entertaining, but it turns out that it wasn't exactly true.

"I genuinely don’t know the ending [of the show]," Leslie told the outlet, explaining that Harington told her the ending of Season 7, not the upcoming series finale. Spoilers ahead for GoT Season 7. She revealed:

"He told me the ending of last season and I remember getting a bit uppity about that. He happened to tell me — and this is a spoiler for anybody who hasn’t seen the last season — he happened to tell me that one of the dragons fall into the ice lake, and then we see the dragon being dragged out of the water and the dragon breathes ... onto The Wall, and then, of course, that’s when all the [Army of the Dead] can then cross over."

She continued, "So he told me about the dragon and I got rather livid with him, because I said, 'You weren’t supposed to tell me everything! And that’s a huge piece of information!'" Still, Leslie admitted that she only had herself to blame when it came to finding out Thrones spoilers. "He’s like, 'Well, you asked!' And I was like, 'I know,'" she admitted. "To be fair, I was probably rather ridiculous in the way I phrased it. I was like, 'Tell me some things, but don’t tell me other things.'"

As for whether she actually stopped talking to her husband for several days because she was so upset over having the Season 7 finale spoiled, Leslie joked, "That was an exaggeration." And, making sure to tease Harington over his story, she added, "I love that he said three days. Look at him trying to get a soundbite. That’s hilarious!"

Leslie also revealed to EW that despite Harington's willingness to share details about upcoming Game of Thrones episodes with her, the actress wants to experience the series finale at the same time as the show's fans. "I actually don’t know the ending to [the show] because, believe it or not, it’s such a monumental phenomenal show, and I want to be like the rest of the world and watch it in real time and get that build up and anticipation," she explained. "I want to finally come to the final episode and truly – and I honestly mean this – truly not know which way it goes." Based on Harington's comments that the Season 8 finale would "break boundaries," it's no wonder Leslie wants to experience the show just like the rest of us.

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The actress has previously spoken about her love of Game of Thrones, and even told Seth Meyers in March 2018 that she wouldn't let Harington read the scripts for upcoming episodes in the house, in order to avoid spoilers. "I remember over in the summer, the new episodes for the final season were coming through to his iPad," Leslie recounted during an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

"I can read his facial expressions. I don't wanna know anything that's going on within his eyes or anything like that," she continued. "So, I sent him packing. I kind of boot him out so he can go to a coffee shop. I'll be able to gauge. If he stiffens, then I know someone's dead. And then my mind goes off."

Based on her reaction to finding out what happened in the Season 7 finale, we don't blame Leslie for resorting to desperate measures in order to protect her Game of Thrones viewing experience. At least fans can take comfort in knowing that even Ygritte is on the edge of her seat during every episode of Season 8, when Game of Thrones returns in April.