Weird Things Your Birth Month Can Tell You About Yourself

There are so many factors that have helped shape you into the person you are today — where you've lived, who your friends are, what you've studied, the jobs you've had. But did you know your birth month can tell you a lot about yourself, too? While it certainly isn't the most defining detail when it comes to your personality, it's true there are some traits and habits common among babies born in certain months.

Whether you're looking at it from an astrology stand point, or numerology, or simply how much the sun shined during the month you were born, there's no denying it all came together to create you. "Birth months can almost always define a person's overall strengths and weaknesses, as well as determine who, what, and where they are destined to be in their future," celebrity astrologist Stephanie Adams-Nicolai tells Bustle.

While nothing's set in stone, it's always fun to discover something interesting about yourself. And when it comes to your personality, it's funny how spot on these things can be — especially when it comes to certain zodiac signs. Interested? Then read on for a few fun facts about your birth month, and see if you don't just learn a little somethin' about yourself.


It's not uncommon for people born in January to "feel like the winter does," astrologer Suzie Kerr Wright tells Bustle. "We bundle up ... and we feel a bit repressed under all those layers and coats." If that sounds familiar, you're not alone. According to an article in Time, people with winter birthdays tend to experience higher levels of depression and seasonal affective disorder, among other mental health issues. While it's obviously not guaranteed, researchers have found a connection between these conditions and babies born in low light levels in winter.


Once February rolls around, everyone starts looking forward to spring. That feeling of hope matches up with the zodiac sign Aquarius, which Wright tells me rules our vision and inspiration. That may be why February babies tend to be freedom fighters, and many run for political office, start nonprofit companies, or create fundraisers. Pretty cool, right?


Spring truly starts to arrive in March, which is why babies born during this month tend to have a certain lightness — just like the season. "March babies can have almost an ethereal quality to them," Wright says. And they also like to have fun. As astrologer and numerologist Austin Muhs says, "People in this month love to have a good time and treat others to an interesting and festive lifestyle." Sound like you?


The zodiac signs that fall in April are Aries and Taurus, which both have an intense quality to them. This is, once again, just like the weather. (Tons of rain, anyone?) "Aries is ruled by Mars so April babies are born to fight for whatever it is they want," Wright says. "You're competitive and need to watch out for running over others in your quest to be right." But you also tend to get what you want, so maybe this personality trait works out in your favor?


Those born in May tend to score high on optimism scales, according to the article in Time. And, funny enough, Wright tells me people born under the Taurus zodiac sign are also known to find the beauty in things, which feels related. May babies tend to be creative as well, and Muhs tells me they often crave creativity at work — and feel bored when they don't get it.


June babies tend to be the most curious, energetic, and social. Again, this seems directly tied to the weather, since people are literally shedding their coats and being active again as summer begins. But what else might it mean for you in life? As Wright says, "They are natural born teachers once they develop patience, make great public speakers, and can multitask easily."


The signs Cancer and Leo fall in July, which is when people gather together, cook outside, and vacation. And guess what — Cancer is connected to all those things. "Those born in July thrive in these environments as home and family is what Cancer is all about," Wright says. But be careful. "Cancers take things extremely personal and those born in July can have ... mood swings, but will be very helpful and loyal."


Unlike winter babies, babies born around midsummer don't tend to suffer from things like seasonal affective disorder, according to Time. Again, this is all thanks to the light levels, which are at an all time high in the summer. Other August traits include high levels of compassion, which, as Wright tells me, means many babies born in this month tend to go into jobs where they can help others on a grand scale.


If you're born in September, it may be time to try your hand at sports, since Wright tells me Virgos and Libras tend to be successful athletes. They also love to have projects going on, and can feel incredibly displaced when they aren't needed. If you look on the numerology side of things, Muhs tells me September babies tend to have a penchant for service, and often find themselves in great positions of power without even trying.


October is another great month for success, as many people born now are lawyers, mediators, models, and actors — all things ruled by Libra. As Wright says, "They tend to be very well-dressed ... and pleasant to look at." But don't get too excited. According to Time, many fall babies can also be pretty irritable.


November people — especially Scorpios — are highly sensitive, and Wright tells me they often go into the fields of psychology or physics. They do, however, have a tendency to hold things in the same way people tend to start "hiding away" as the weather turns cold. On the plus side, these fall babies also have a knack for spiritual leadership, as well as anything creative. "They just have to work really hard to make that happen," Muhs says. "If they are a hard worker, they can do great things and really help society progress to new levels."


Closing out the year we have December, which is full of free spirits, filmmakers, and philosophers. "They succeed at anything they set their minds to, but focusing on what that is can be the problem," Wright says. Babies born in early December have a tougher time making decisions compared to those born later in the month.

Any of that sound familiar? While you have the power to grow and shape your personality, and change things you don't like, it's always fun to think about outside factors that might shape you — even if it is just the month you were born.

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