Here's The Most Popular Sex Toy In Your State

Ashley Batz/Bustle

If you've spent any time at all browsing through some of the most popular sex toys out there, you'll know that the options are pretty much limitless: dildos of all shapes and sizes, couple's vibrators, all things anal — it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which sex toy is right for you. But don't let the vast variety of options scare you away from buying one altogether, because adding sex toys into your partnered sex life (and your solo sex sessions, too) is actually an amazing way to enhance your pleasure.

"There's this fear that sex toys are making people less into each other, that they're too mechanical etc, but they actually improve sex, make people want to be with each other, and can connect you over long distances," Claire Cavanah, co-founder of Babeland, tells Bustle.

The good news? It seems plenty of Americans are already well aware of the wonders that sex toys can work for your sex life. Elite anal surgery practice Bespoke Surgical used search interest data from Google Shopping to map out the most-searched sex toys in each U.S. state, and it turns out the most popular toys are anything but tame.

If you're curious about the kinds of toys other people are most interested in, here are the six most searched-for kinds of sex toys in the U.S., according to Bespoke's research.


Try: Gem Glass G-Spot Dildo, $29, Unbound

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the classic dildo is the most popular sex toy in 15 states, including Oregon, Maine, Illinois, Florida, and West Virginia.


Try: Eva II, $135, Dame Products

Coming in at a close second, 'vibrator' was the most oft-searched sex toy in 11 states, such as Washington, South Dakota, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Colorado.

Bondage Gear

Try: BARE Cowhide Flogger, $90, Babeland

It looks like the kinky, sexy influence of 50 Shades of Grey still has a hold on plenty of Americans: 'bondage gear' was the most searched-for sex toy in nine states, including Texas, Nevada, Wisconsin, Connecticut, and Idaho.

Butt Plug

Try: Novice Plug, $130, B-Vibe

Technically tied for third place, 'butt plugs' were the most searched-for toy in nine (apparently anally inclined) states, such as Montana, Utah, Alaska, Kentucky, and South Carolina.


Try: Jaguar Harness, $110, Babeland

For four states — Rhode Island, California, New York, and Delaware — strap-ons are the most popular sex toy, proving that pegging isn't quite as taboo as it once was (thanks, Broad City!).

Penis Ring

Try: Verge by We-Vibe, $119, We-Vibe

If you ask me, penis rings are one of the most underrated sex toys out there. But for three wise states — Washington, D.C., Oklahoma, and Arkansas — they're actually the most searched-for toy.

Ultimately, though, it doesn't really matter what sex toys other people are searching for: what matters is what kind of toys you're interested in. So if you're looking to add a new toy or two to your collection (or start your sex toy collection in the first place), there's only one rule to shop by: the best sex toy for you isn't necessarily the most popular one — it's whatever you believe will bring you the most pleasure.