Ashley & Jared Hinted That Chris Harrison Could Play This Major Role In Their Wedding

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Bachelor Nation is gearing up for another wedding following the engagement of Bachelor stars Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon while in Paradise. And it appears the couple's wedding may end up being a Bachelor affair and honestly, why wouldn't it be? In a new interview, Ashley revealed that they "have somebody in mind" to marry them, and it might be someone Bach fans know and love. Maybe even someone who's been with The Bachelor for a very long time, which has fans wondering, will Chris Harrison officiate Ashley and Jared's wedding?

On Wednesday, June 20, Ashley and Jared spoke with Entertainment Tonight about their Bachelor In Paradise Season 5 proposal, despite being under "strict orders" not to reveal too much. Ashley did say, "Of course there were tears!" but you're gonna have to watch the show to see what happened before and after those tears. While Ashley and Jared may not be saying too much about the proposal, they certainly weren't staying quiet about the wedding. Specifically, who might be officiating it.

"We're keeping it in the Bachelor family," Ashley told Entertainment Tonight, while Jared revealed that the person who will officiate is someone who is "very near and dear to our hearts." Of course, ET wanted to know if that meant Harrison, longtime Bachelor host, was the guy for the job, but the couple (perhaps wisely) didn't give a definitive answer one way or another. Let's just say, no one would be surprised if Harrison is standing at the end of the aisle when these two finally tie the knot.

It also wouldn't be the first time Harrison has officiated a Bachelor wedding. Back in 2012, Harrison became a legally ordained minister with the Universal Life Church and he's certainly put that certificate to good use. Harrison's first wedding ceremony in August 2012, was actually for two Bachelor producers — Cassie Lambert and Peter Scalettar. Later that year, he presided over the televised union of Bachelorette Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum. And last year, he married Bachelor alums Evan Bass and Carly Waddell for an episode of Bachelor In Paradise.

If Harrison does officiate the wedding, the next logical question is, will Ashley and Jared's wedding be televised? The couple hasn't said either way, but the fact they were engaged on camera might be a hint that they're open to having their own wedding special. After all, Harrison is a pretty photogenic officiant. Though, they might want him to forever hold his peace on that Bachelor shade he's been known to throw.

It's possible, the couple might agree to a Bachelor in Paradise episode dedicated to their nuptials since they have quite the Bachelor love story. The two met back in 2015 on the second season of BiP and while there was an attraction that led to a date, it wasn't love just yet. Now that they're officially engaged, though, the show might want to celebrate their three-year love journey. The Bachelor In Paradise account even tweeted out a congratulations to Ashley and Jared on their engagement, so clearly, they're all in on this couple.

As for when Ashley and Jared are getting married, Ashley told Entertainment Tonight it will happen "sometime next year," but it's too early for them to be thinking about the details. That hasn't stopped Ashley from thinking about what kind of wedding dress she'll wear. FYI, she's "pretty set on a princess dress," thanks to many hours watching Say Yes To The Dress.

Just don't expect to see Ashley's engagement ring any time before the Bachelor In Paradise episode airs. "We have to hide it for a little bit!" Ashley said of her ring, noting "it already feels weird to not have it on." While Jared said, "It's just not here as of right now, but there is a metaphorical ring on her finger." So don't worry if you spot Ashley sans-engagement ring. This love is real but they're contractually obligated to keep things under wraps for a little while longer.

Clearly, Harrison would be a good officiant for so many reasons, one being that he's kind of a pro at this. But, just like Ashley's engagement ring, fans will likely have to wait and see who the couple give the job, too. Hopefully, not too long, since it seems the couple is already having trouble keeping their wedding secrets.