2023 Pride Yearbook

Twelve LGBTQ+ and drag icons share the superlative they’d give themselves, sound off on the anti-drag laws being proposed across the country, and reveal what they’d tell lawmakers who are supporting the legislation.

Bianca Del Rio Is Judging You Right Now

“This is a democracy. Let us all live our lives. It’s not affecting you in any way. But they do this to rile up their base.”

By Jake Viswanath

Shea Couleé Is Eyeing Hollywood Domination

“I feel like what they did by trying to use us as a scapegoat is they put themselves under a microscope.”

By Jake Viswanath

Priyanka Is All Glowed Up

“Don’t suppress an entire community with hate on the agenda — it’s old school and tacky.”

By Brian Anthony Hernandez
Pride Yearbook 2023

Raja Is A Fighter Like You

“These laws won’t stick. We are too powerful. Drag isn’t just a subversive art form anymore — it is an industry.”

By Brian Anthony Hernandez

Trixie Mattel Is Doing It All

“I’d ask if they laughed at Tyler Perry playing Madea or Robin Williams playing Mrs. Doubtfire. Because, newsflash, that’s drag.”

By Jake Viswanath

Alyssa Edwards Is “Back, Back, Back Again”

There’s so much bad going on in the world and this is your focus? It’s the greatest distraction of all time.”

By Sam Ramsden

Tenderoni Is Putting Drag Kings In The Spotlight

“Drag exists to bring smiles and entertainment to people’s lives, so the fact that people are trying to stop us is so wild.”

By Jake Viswanath

Jonathan Van Ness Is Proud To Be Your Cheer Captain

“We need to be more effective in disarming the misinformation that is making them think that way.”

By Jake Viswanath

Big Freedia Is Shaking Things Up

“I would tell lawmakers that they are full of s*** and that God sits high and looks low.”

By Sam Ramsden

Sasha Colby Is A Winner, Baby

“As far as what I would say to these lawmakers: Try to jump into drag once, you’d probably like it.”

By Brian Anthony Hernandez

Ts Madison Is Ready For Politicians To Pay The Price

“You lawmakers are focused on the wrong things and using God as your weapon and children as your shields.”

By Jake Viswanath

BenDeLaCreme Is Done With The Bullsh*t

“To the lawmakers themselves? I have nothing to say to them. They are beyond reason. My energy will go toward taking them down, not chatting.”

By Sam Ramsden

Editor: Brian Anthony Hernandez

Designer: Margaret Flatley

Contributing Writers: Jake Viswanath, Sam Ramsden