8 Celebrities Bringing Back '90s-Era Butterfly Clips

Proof they can be chic.

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Celebrities are bringing back '90s era butterfly hair clips.
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Whether you loved them or hated them, 90s-era butterfly hair clips are coming back full throttle. You can thank (or blame) celebrity adoration — along with a steady interest in all sorts of trends from the decade — for the latest movement in hair accessories.

Bella Hadid is a champion of all sorts of nostalgic trends (like the zigzag part, for instance), so it’s no surprise she’s sported butterfly clips. In this Instagram, the model uses two clips — one neon green, one bright blue — to accentuate the end of a tendril.

Addison Rae, the recent star of He’s All That, went full nostalgia in a recent Instagram post. The social media mogul sported an Ed Hardy fit, short strapped purse, rectangular sunglasses, and braided tendrils sealed off with butterfly clips.

Megan Thee Stallion has the ‘90s down pat — just look at her expertly executed lip liner. In a selfie, the musician rocked high pigtails with a colorful array of butterfly clips.

Dua Lipa’s spin on the butterfly clips trend features a bigger, bolder take on the traditionally small and plastic accessory. In a photo shared on Instagram, the singer shows off glam nail art and her hair topped off with chic metallic clips.

Entrepreneur and fashion darling Chiara Ferragni posed for scenic Instagram photos with butterfly clips adorning her hair to frame her face. Her button-down ‘fit proves the style can be sophisticated.

Lucy Hale / Instagram

Lucy Hale went full 2000s nostalgia in an Instagram story. Not only did the actor sport pastel butterfly clips around her crown, but she also reminisced about Blockbuster nights and Britney Spears choreography.

In a selfie, Halsey turned her whole look into a well-coordinated work of art. The singer and makeup entrepreneur’s colorful fit and eyelids were paired with matching hair bands, barrettes, and (of course) butterfly clips.

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Saoirse Ronan took the ‘90s trend to the red carpet: The Little Women star sported butterfly hair clips at the 2020 Academy Awards along with a peplum-style Gucci dress.

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