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Emily Ratajkowski's Fiery Copper Hair Reveal Will Tempt You To Go Red

From Gone Girl to “gone red.”

Emily Ratajkowski debuted a new copper red hair color on July 18, 2023.
Pierre Suu/WireImage/Getty Images

Sunset-inspired hair colors of red velvet, dreamy apricot, and bold copper have been *in* for quite some time now, with celebs like Megan Fox, Kendall Jenner, Phoebe Dynevor, Lily James, Halsey, Sydney Sweeney, SZA, and many more getting in on the buzzy trend in recent months.

Just when the world of beauty was making way for some fresh new shades ahead of the cool fall season (like cherry coke and raven black, to name a few), Emily Ratajkowski officially dyed her strands the buzzy warm-toned hue, signaling that copper-colored hair isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The caption? A low-key “gone red” — which immediately reminded fans that the supermodel, brand owner, and podcast host also so happened to star in the 2014-era film Gone Girl alongside Ben Affleck. In addition, the Kerastase spokesmodel noted that the brand’s Chroma Absolu range kept her natural tresses healthy throughout the process.

As for the hair guru behind the fresh new ‘do, Jenna Perry — owner of the Jenna Perry Hair Studio and stylist who has worked with celebrities like Bella Hadid — is to thank. And ICYWW: She just so happens to be the hair colorist behind Kendall Jenner’s infamous sunset red hair transformation back in February of 2022, as well as Bella Hadid’s nostalgic honey chamomile blonde.

In the mood for a color switch up à la EmRata and Fox? George Papanikolas, Matrix’s global ambassador, and a hair guru who frequently works with Ana De Armas and Khloé Kardashian, has shared with Bustle: “If your hair is virgin, or already blonde, then it’s a very easy transition to copper. Previously colored dark hair will need to have the artificial color stripped out to an orange tone first before you can apply the deeper copper color.”

Before going copper, he notes that it’s important to be aware of the upkeep (it’s a high-maintenance hue) and the potential damage to your natural strands.