12 Fall 2023 Piercing Trends That'll Upgrade Your Stack

Time to go jewelry shopping.

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As the weather gets cooler, the desire to update your look grows stronger. Sure, you’ll spend time looking at cropped jackets, motorcycle boots, and other cute and cozy fall fashion trends, but you might also get the itch to update your piercing game — and who could blame you?

Fall’s biggest piercing trends are as cool as ever, BTW. Many got their traction months ago and will only continue to get more popular as the seasons change, says Ashley Sharp, the senior director of piercing and innovations at Banter by Piercing Pagoda. The world gets piercing inspo all year long from bejeweled celebs, like Zendaya and Miley Cyrus, as well as social media, Sharp tells Bustle. On TikTok, for instance, the search for nose rings has over 406 million views. It’s why you might recognize some of this season’s hottest trends — or even have a few already pinned to your Pinterest board.

Some of the go-to piercing trends from the past few years are still as big as ever. “Ear stacking, or the style of having multiple earrings, and nose piercings continue to be popular ways to show off your style, especially as we prepare for the chillier months,” Sharp says. But there are quite a few other fun piercings to add to your wishlist. Below are the 12 piercing trends for fall 2023 to help inspire your new stack.


Vertical Lip Piercing

Vertical lip piercings have over 182 million views on TikTok, proving that the ’90s-era look is back. According to Sharp, folks are getting more experimental when it comes to their piercings, and the vertical lip is a great example of that.


Forward Helix

Helix piercings are located on the upper part of your cartilage, and they’re always the perfect spot to showcase your earring collection. Try a double or triple helix with two or three holes, or opt for a forward helix along the front of your ear. According to Sharp, this spot feels fresh and unique, especially if you already have other cartilage piercings.


Trilogy Piercing

Forget having two piercings on your lobe — this fall, go for three. According to Priya Bhatnagar, the vice president and general manager of the piercing division at Claire’s, trilogy piercings are having a moment. It features a triangle-shaped triple piercing that looks great on the lobe or further up the cartilage.


Asymmetrical Stacks

Chaotic earring stacks continue to be big, so the more asymmetrical and mismatched you can make yours this fall, the better. Get two piercings on one side and five on the other or lean into the trend by wearing a dangly earring on one side and only one stud on the other. According to Sharp, asymmetry is a fun and trendy way to make your piercings your own.


Mixed Metals

Have you tried the gold versus silver filter on TikTok? It’s supposed to help you see whether your skin tone looks better with one metal over the other. If you can’t quite decide, though, no worries: According to Sharp, mixed metals are in, so you should feel free to wear silver and gold all on one ear.



A tragus piercing — located on the little flap of cartilage in front of your ear canal — is the perfect spot to add a pop of shine to your ear. It’s a subtle piercing, Sharp says, but one that gives you an instantly-edgier look.


Constellation Auricle

Imagine how pretty it could be to have a constellation of gems scattered up your cartilage. Bhatnagar says this look continues to be popular, and one that gives you flexibility when it comes to swapping out jewelry. “You can try mixing and matching metals, combining piercings and cuffs, or getting creative with styles like connectors and crawlers,” she says.



While huggie style earrings have been in for ages, they’re going to have a major moment this fall, Sharp says. These hoops sit close to your ear and add a stylish, sophisticated pop of shine to your lobe. They’re also super comfortable, so you can put them in and forget about them.


Classic Lobes

While this placement will always be popular — and is almost always the first piercing people get — Sharp says the classic, simple look is coming back in vogue. Plus, you can still have fun with lobe piercings by adding unique jewelry. If you have the room, try wearing two earrings in one lobe piercing. This works particularly well if you had gauged ears and now have more real space for jewelry.


Spider Bites

According to Bhatnagar, other unique lip looks, like the spider bite piercing, will be extra cute this fall. It’s two side-by-side piercings on the lower corner of your lip that look a lot like a bite mark.


“Quiet Luxury” Adornments

If you’ve been into the quiet luxury fashion trend this year, don’t forget about your ears. There’s a major trend towards investing in classic earrings that won’t tarnish, says Sharp. These are the earrings you put in, wear everywhere, and they still look good weeks later. “It is also better for those who are more sensitive to metals and need a higher-quality product to prevent infection,” she adds. Sharp suggests looking into 14k gold.


Septum Rings

If you’ve been dreaming about getting a nose piercing, it’s the perfect time to go through with it. According to Sharp, a septum piercing adds a dose of creativity to your look, no matter what you’re wearing. Another option is to try the double nose piercing with one stud or hoop in each nostril.


Ashley Sharp, senior director of piercing and innovations at Banter by Piercing Pagoda

Priya Bhatnagar, vice president, general manager of the piercing division at Claire’s

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