An Honest Review Of The Latest Type Of Magnetic Lashes

Meet the Glamnetic Circle PowerGrips... and color-changing press-on nails.

An editor's review of the new Glamnetic magnetic lashes and color-changing press-on nails.

If you’re into faux lashes, you know about Glamnetic. The brand is a cult favorite for its magnetic eyelashes, which provide fullness and length with a clean, seamless application — no glue required. As of today, Glamnetic’s Circle PowerGrip Magnet Lashes join the collection and bring even more of a natural-looking fit.

Launching Sept. 30 is the Glamnetic Birthday 2.0 Collection, which includes some creative upgrades to traditional beauty products. First, there are the first-ever circle magnet lashes, which adhere to your magnetic liner via 10 tiny circular magnets in a curved line as opposed to a straight, cut-off edge, purportedly giving you more seamless extensions. Then there’s the Ultimate Duo, a dual-ended magnetic eyeliner pen — one end is black, the other is brown — for applying your lashes with. And, for manicure aficionados, Glamnetic is introducing color-changing press-on nails (!!!). Though you can purchase them all separately, you can just buy them all with the birthday set.

Although I’m a long-time beauty editor, I’ve got to admit that... I’ve never tried false lashes — of any kind — before. Considering magnetic lashes’ reputation for being easier (read: beginner-friendly) to apply than falsies that require glue, I figured this was the perfect time to finally experiment with the product category. Read on for my experience testing Glamnetic’s Circle PowerGrip Magnetic Lashes, color-changing press-ons, and dual-sided magnetic eyeliner pen.

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My Lashes

For starters, it’s important to note that I have no issues with my lashes. They’re quite long and my hair is black, so I’ve always faired well with just a couple of coats of mascara. That said, I apply volumizing mascara because... well, I want a fuller, more dramatic effect. (Don’t we all?) I’m also constantly testing new tubes in search of the formula that gives me the longest, most butterfly-esque lashes of my life, so perhaps falsies could give me that exact effect.

The Products

Magnetic lashes are divided into two groups: Those that sandwich around your natural lashes, and those that require a magnetic eyeliner that sticks to the false lashes. Glamnetic’s Circle PowerGrip lashes fall into the latter camp. It’s the first of its kind, though, in two different ways.

First up is the product’s use of circular magnets. Traditionally, lashes use either square or rectangular magnets, which can make the extensions look a little less seamless when adhered to your lash line. The round edges also work to bring you a more comfortable fit since they have no corners that could jut into your skin.

The other innovation is Glamnetic’s Ultimate Duo — the first double-sided magnetic eyeliner pen. The brand decided to combine two of its best-selling eyeliner shades into one stick. It goes on smooth and brings long-lasting waterproof wear.

Glamnetic is also known for its collection of press-on nails in both solid and trendy designs. Though the Birthday 2.0 Collection includes six new designs in a coffin shape, Blood Moon is the set that changes color based on temperature... which is so ’90s and I am here for it.

The Results

Half of your magnetic lash application success depends on your liquid eyeliner skills. Thankfully, this is something I’ve been working on. I went with the black tip of the Ultimate Duo, which glided nicely across my upper lash line. I might’ve made a mess if it weren’t smudge-proof, so that’s definitely a perk of the formula. The eyeliner is also infused with vitamin E, an ingredient known for hydrating the skin, so it doesn’t get cakey or crack after applying.

I followed the instructions, which recommend going over your lash line with two to three coats before immediately applying the lashes. Since this was my very first time applying faux lashes, it took me several times to make them adhere all along my regular lashes without being too far on the left or right. Once they snapped into place — in the right spot — I immediately looked red carpet ready (in terms of my makeup, at least). The lashes are really long and curled, but you can snip them if you want a more subtle extension.

I’m more of a pro in the DIY manicure realm, so applying glue and pressing on the Glamnetic nails was a cinch. Personally, I find press-ons that use glue easier than the ones that require you to apply sticky tape to your nails, so I was able to apply these in just a few minutes. Something I’m not used to, though? Such a long coffin shape. They definitely looked really cool though (and you can trip and shape them to your liking). When I glided by nails on the condensation of my cold brew, I saw a more red-colored stripe show up on the base light pink shade. So I grabbed an ice cube and rubbed it over them, and voila: They became fully red. Though I’m not a full convert to the lengthy mani, the color-changing aspect is a neat way to make your nails more interesting.

Worth It?

I won’t be wearing magnetic lashes on the reg, but if you have shorter lashes and want easy-to-use falsies, the Glamnetic ones are great. The press-ons, however, will be staying in my at-home manicure rotation.


The Glamnetic Birthday 2.0 Collection offers a whole faux lash and press-on nail wardrobe. So if that’s what you’re on the market for, you might want to add it to your cart.