19 Frighteningly Cute Halloween Nail Art Designs For Short Nails

Spooky SZN is here for a good time, not a long time.

Halloween 2022 is just around the corner — which means it’s about that time to get in those last minute nail appointments for the spookiest night of the year. Craving a bit of inspo?

Lucky for you, Bustle already gathered some fire nail art designs for those that prefer all black everything come Halloween, and of course, curated a list of easy-to-recreate makeup looks for the 31st when you need a costume in a pinch ... But these short nail art ideas bring the spooky vibes all month long, whether or not you happen to be dressing up for the occasion. There are on-trend aura and velvet nails (with a fittingly dark twist) and even celestial designs that are simply bewitching (and are a vibe year round, TBH). And from minimal skeleton designs for your inner soft girl, to some creepy blood-dripped tips that bring a bit of gore — there’s truly a mani for each and every aesthetic.

So whether you are out celebrating the horror-filled holiday or are opting for a cozy night in with the latest scary movies on deck, here are 19 ideas for Halloween nail art designs to get my fellow short nail girlies in the spirit.


Gothic French Nails

Big Morticia Addams energy.


Vamp Vibes

These vampire teeth-inspired tips are the perfect balance of minimal effort meets seriously spooky.


Pumpkin French

It’s giving PSL.


Dark Aura Nails

Aura nails are this season’s hottest nail trend — and this dark version is perfect for Halloween.


Oh So Emerald

For those who prefer a classic vibe, tap glittering emerald hues for a look that’s simply bewitching (like this iconic manicure on Selena Gomez).


Dripped In Blood

These nails are just so bloody good.


Minimal Ghosts

If you’re a fan of a classic French mani, these simple white ghosts aren’t too far off.


Clown Queen

For clown costumes, Harley Quinn cosplays, and beyond — these clown-inspired nails are a vibe.


Witchy Velvet Nails

Velvet nails are having their moment on TikTok and beyond.


Silver Stitches

Silver hues are trending cross-category — and these Frankenstein-inspired stitches in the metallic shade are giving.


Celestial Gems

Celestial nail art hits different in October ...


Amethyst Nails

Inspired by amethyst stones, these glittering purple nails are perfect for the Halloween season.


Pink Scream

If Legally Blonde and spooky SZN had a nail art love child.


Euphoria Stans Only

Maddy’s iconic nails from Euphoria — but for short nails — give major Halloween vibes. Chef’s kiss.


Magical Glitter

Fittingly called Black Flame Candle, this Moon Cat hue is giving serious Hocus Pocus vibes.


Soft Girl Skeletons

Skeletons, but make them cute.


Blood Red Chic

For those who aren’t a fan of scary nail art — these chic nails in a rusted, blood red hue are still perfect for October.


Black And White Spiders

Simple and sweet for All Hallows’ Eve.


Candy Corn Vibes

Candy corn isn’t for everyone ... But these glittering copper-orange nails are.