How To Use White Eyeliner On Your Waterline, Straight From A Pro MUA

A celeb-loved makeup artist spills her secrets.

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When it comes to the bright, doe-like eye makeup look that’s so trendy right now, a stark white eyeliner that glides onto one’s waterline with ease often tops the list of must-have makeup products. And especially with viral TikTok hacks like the hypnotizing four dot eye trick, and even Alix Earle’s daily makeup routine, the eye-opening hue is a total essential for more reasons than one (alongside more natural peachy hues and even buzzy pastels, of course).

It goes without saying, however, that not long after applying any eyeliner shade to your waterline, the area in particular tends to fade to nothingness thanks to blinking and dewy tears. To find a fix, Bustle tapped Elizabeth Seropian — a celeb-loved makeup artist who works with names like Cindy Crawford, Noah Cyrus, and Anastasia Karanikolaou — to spill her secrets on creating an ultra-amplified waterline with white eyeliner (that *actually* lasts).

“Firstly, ensure that the waterline is clean and dry before applying the white liner,” she notes. “Additionally, setting the white liner with a similar-colored eyeshadow or translucent powder can help to lock it in place.” In other words? Just a bit of powder allows you to truly set and forget it — though Seropian does share that “waterproof or long-wearing formulas specifically designed for the waterline can also improve its staying power.”

Of course, white liner “can have a brightening effect on the eyes, making them appear larger and more awake,” making the stark hue a perfect addition to those dolly, wide-eye looks. Though it goes without saying that different hues on one’s waterline can create completely different vibes.

Seropian explains: “Black eyeliner creates a classic and dramatic effect, adding intensity and depth. Beige eyeliner brightens the eyes, making them appear larger and more awake. Brown eyeliner provides a softer, more subtle look. Colored eyeliners, such as blue, green, or purple, add a pop of color and can complement your eye color or enhance specific makeup looks.”

Given that makeup is very much meant to be explored, Seropian encourages beauty lovers to experiment with different shades to find out what works for you. Who knows — you may just be into a seriously unexpected red eyeliner moment.

Aside from achieving long-lasting color on your waterline, another major struggle for many is dealing with super sensitive eyes. Seropian advises that the first step is making sure to choose a hypoallergenic or ophthalmologist-tested eyeliner that is specifically formulated for sensitive eyes. Though if you’re still dealing with a teary, irritated lower lashline, she adds that “applying the liner in short, gentle strokes can help minimize any potential irritation.”

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