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Kylie Jenner Brought Back The Most Unexpected 2000s Swim Trend

She accessorized with a wristful of watches that cost more than a car.

The family that stays together, slays together. That’s especially true for the Kardashian/Jenner women, who reference each other’s past ’fits, take inspiration from the same fashion icons (Marilyn Monroe, for example), and gravitate toward the same designers. Though each sister has her own unique style — Kendall skews sporty, while Kim serves up sultry looks — their tastes often overlap. Collectively, they’ve helped popularize the now-ubiquitous “no-pants” trend, the “mob wife” aesthetic, and the unofficial uniform of summer, thong bikinis.

In recent weeks, however, one member of the clan has been swimming against the cheeky swimsuit tide: Kylie Jenner. Instead, she’s been wearing beachside ’fits that lean more nostalgic than saucy. Her latest vacation number in Mallorca, for example, was straight out of the 2000s.

Kylie’s Y2K Swimwear

Posing on a yacht, Jenner looked elegant in white co-ords that could easily double as swimwear. On top, she wore a bandeau bra with slim straps — a typical bikini option.

Her bottoms, however, were unexpected for the locale and the decade. Instead of a thong bikini (her family’s go-to vacay piece), she wore a bubble skirt — the same style that dominated the early ’00s, seen on everyone from Anne Hathaway to Paris Hilton.

While her skirt was a throwback, the back of her ’fit featured a more modern flavor. Her bra top was tied in a bow, channeling today’s uber-popular coquettecore aesthetic cosigned by Sabrina Carpenter.

She Accessorized With $40k+ Worth Of Watches

While her beribboned and poofy set leaned more whimsical, the Sprinter founder’s accessories sent the look into “quiet luxury” territory. Her tan straw hat, for example, was an understated choice. She also kept her accessorizing to a minimum with gold jewelry (angular earrings, rings, and bracelets).

Jenner’s most intriguing (and expensive) style choice, however, was her two gold Cartier watches, worn side by side. Her square-faced choice is the Cartier Panthère, which retails for $21,000. Meanwhile, her oval dial is the Cartier Baignoire. Her exact chain isn’t available on the site, but a similar gilded one (owned by big sis Kendall) retails for around $26,200, so it’s safe to assume it falls in that range.

Her Nostalgic Swim Streak

Jenner harkened to decades past on more than one occasion during her Mallorcan excursion. On Thursday, June 6, the beauty mogul wore another swim set: a fiery red bandeau bra paired with low-rise boy shorts reminiscent of the ’60s.

I’m obsessed with her new swim era.