All Of 2023's Biggest Nail Art Trends, According To Top Manicurists

Featuring #glittercore, pierced manis, and more.

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In 2022, there were so many cool nail art trends to lust over. Hailey Bieber had everyone in a chokehold with her glazed donut chrome look, aura nails were all over our Instagram feeds, and velvet nails became the it-girl mani design for the holiday season. But don’t worry: The variety is not going to stop when the new year comes around, because 2023’s nail art trends are bringing just as many swoon-worthy designs.

Nail artist and digital creator Sarah Haidar says that you’ll see a lot of understated nail styles, but this doesn’t mean that they have to be boring. Her take? Expect more sleek and natural manicures elevated with subtle nail art. “Minimal nails will be very prominent,” she tells Bustle. “Having a simple, solid-colored manicure with the slightest accent — like a piercing or matte finishes — or French tips in metallic shades will be perfect for those wanting a mani with a subtle oomph.”

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there will be plenty of mani trends for the maximalists to be excited about. Multidimensional designs, for one, will be taking over your social media feeds, as well as eye-catching contrasting finishes. For more intel, keep reading for the biggest nail art trends that’ll take over in 2023.


Chrome Everything

Bieber’s chrome nail movement is here to stay: Expect chrome finishes on all sorts of mani designs. “It’s a subtle shimmer that acts as an enhancement to any colored mani,” says Haidar of the trend, who notes it’s mostly seen on classic shades like OPI’s Bubble Bath, but you can add chrome powder to any look. Think French tips, aura nails, and 3D designs.


Metallic Effects

Haider is also noticing a lot of silver and gold metallics used in nail art. Though they’re typically go-to's for the holiday season, she predicts people will be wanting some shine on their nails year-round. They add the perfect pop to make your mani really stand out.


Funky 3D Designs

Adding texture to your mani will really level up your nail look, and Haider says 3D designs will really explode this year. Feel free to experiment, as there are endless ways to partake in the trend. “Adding accents, charms, or rhinestones to the nails gives it more dimension,” she tells Bustle. “You can go subtle and add some raised textures, like the water droplet look, or go all out with bedazzlements.”


Micro French Nails

French nails have been back from the early 2000s for some time now, but 2023 will see a variation of the look: mini French manis. According to Pinterest Predicts 2023, the platform’s annual trend forecast, Millennials and Gen Z are all about “micro” French nails — aka a more thin accent on the fingertip for a sleek finish.


Pierced Nails

Blinged-out manicures will be trending in 2023, but not in the way you might think. Haidar says you’re going to see neutral-colored manis with tiny nail piercings accenting the tips. These can be dangling rhinestones, gold hoops, or colorful studs. Mazz Hanna, CEO of Nailing Hollywood, adds that people can also add metal embellishments and chains for an edgy and unique manicure that turns heads.


Contrasting Finishes

The new year will bring clashing manicure textures featuring both matte and glossy finishes, much like these matte nails with a glossy French tip created by nail artist Amy Le. “You can do the look by having a few fingers glossy with some matte, or a full matte finish set with subtle swirls and art using a glossy top coat,” says Haidar. “This adds some texture and depth to manicures without having to do too much in terms of colors and designs.”



Remember when Kim Kardashian rocked a “P” on her manicure as a nod to then-beau Pete Davison? According to celebrity nail artist Elle, signature statement nails are going to be big in 2023. “It’s about making something public and wearable for you to express yourself,” says Elle, who recently painted a monogram initial on Lindsay Lohan’s mani. The trend is super customizable, and you can add a word, a name, or initials to yourself or someone special for a cute and meaningful mani.



Glittery nails are another traditional holiday style that’ll become a year-round staple. “Glitter adds a sparkle to any design and makes it a bit more noticeable, plus it’s incredibly easy to add,” says Haidar. Splash some shimmer onto a few accent nails or transform your design into something extremely dazzling.


Iridescent Nails

Chrome nail lovers may fall in love with 2023’s take on eye-catching effects via the iridescent nail trend. “Iridescent and pearlescent shades are going to be a major trend,” says pro manicurist Holly Falcone, who calls them “magical Sailor Moon” nails. “These can be achieved at a salon with magnetic/velvet effects.” If you’re looking to do the look at home, Falcone points to polishes like Manucurist’s Moon shade or Orly’s Can’t Jet Enough.


Graphic Nail Art

Maximalism continues this year with graphic nail art, another mani trend Falcone is seeing on fingertips everywhere. “Think simple graphics on a clear nail for a subtle statement,” she tells Bustle. Opt for whatever print your heart desires — anything goes. Pro tip: Nail decals, such as the ones by InkBox, make these a cinch to do at home.


Surrealist Space Cowboy

The funky space cowboy mani trend combines chrome with 3D effects in one extra cool, surrealist package. “Outerspace and everything cosmic is in the zeitgeist,” celebrity nail artist Sonya Meesh tells Bustle. “These will feature chrome orbs, but rather than uniformed round shapes, they each have their own unique 3D shape.”


Nudie Toodie

Also big? A very sleek and sophisticated nude mani, says Meesh. “It just sets a tone whether it’s on a sculpted oval or almond-shaped nail with a little extra length or a short, natural nail,” they tell Bustle. “You can go a little more pink, like how I did with Natasha Lyonne for her appearance on Seth Meyers using a shade like Orly’s Lift the Veil, or a very sheer look like Hermes Rose Coquille.”

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