15 Pink & Black Nail Ideas That Give Off Punk Princess Vibes

From French-style tips to abstract florals.

Not many color combinations can give you both a retro ’50s feel and early ’00s pop-punk vibes at once, but that’s exactly the power of pink and black nails. When you take a pretty pink and pair it with bold black nail polish, you can even create modern mani designs with the right balance of elegance and edge. Take it from nail artist Mo Qin, who has worked with Selena Gomez, Julia Garner, and Emilia Jones: Qin recommends the color combo for anyone who’s willing to get out of their comfort zone and try something other than the usual single shade-based manicure.

You could dip your toe into the mani trend by opting for a lighter shade of pink and delicate black detailing. “For beginners, I would recommend starting off with a sheer pink base with some sort of black line work,” Qin says. “It will be a subtle transition from solid nails.” But for the more advanced nail DIYer who loves to experiment with statement nails, Qin suggests trying more modern versions of a French manicure, like a sheer pink base with black tips or a reverse French with a solid black base and pink chrome moons. Don’t be afraid to play around with the finish to add texture, too: For instance, Qin loves a light pink base with matte black geometric shapes on each nail. For some swoon-worthy inspo, here are 15 pink and black nail designs that’ll get your creativity flowing.


Pink & Black Polka Dots

Emphasize the vintage-y feel of pink and black with a polka dot print. If you prefer classic nail art, this design really hits the spot.


Mix & Match Mani

Here’s a cool way to play up the juxtaposition of pink and black: Wear a fishnet design in black on one hand, and try a glam pink look — like these rhinestone-encrusted tips — on the other.



A design this intricate requires some serious skills, but it’s worth the trip to a nail salon. An accent nail or two of a pink monarch motif is all you need to get the (butterfly) effect.



You can never go wrong with a swirled nail design. Wavy lines like this are easy to DIY and still serve as a head-turning manicure.


Black French Tips

Here’s the perfect example of one of Qin’s favorite ways to wear the color combo. Keep the nails short and squared off for a modern and minimal French mani.


Abstract Flowers

If you love a floral print, here’s a more abstract way to wear one. With curved lines painted in pale pink, black, and white, you’ve got yourself a unique set of flowers on your fingertips.


Studded French Mani

You could add embellishments to elevate your pink and black French mani. The black pearly studs are the perfect accent for this cool color combo.


Line Art

Go geometric with simple black lines over a light pink base. Can’t paint thick lines this straight and perfect? Cheat it with some nail art tape so you don’t have to keep wiping it off and starting over.


Logo Design

Show some love to your fave fashion brand and try your hand at a little typography across your nails.


Heart Accents

For a romantic way to sport pink and black nail polish, paint tiny white hearts onto your nail beds for a sweet pop.


Evil Eye Design

Play around with a few shades of pink polish for some subtle dimension and use black for your evil eye pupil. To keep the shape of the lines and dots consistent, be sure to use a striper brush and a dotting tool.


Tiny Dots

This nail art look features the tiniest touch of black, but it still counts. This is the perfect design for someone who prefers more minimalist manicures.


Pink & Black Press-On Nails

This apricot color is the right shade for someone who’s not much of a pink person — and the easy press-on application is ideal for the person who’s not so great at painting, either.


Ombré Nails

Alternatively, if you don’t care for pastels, this very ’90s ombré design with coral and magenta is another unique take on the pink and black nail trend. Not only do the wavy black lines look cool, but they’ll also help hide any imperfections with your blending.


Little Lines

These pink nails with thin, curved black lines are simple enough for a minimal mani without being boring. Precise painting is key, so make sure to reach for your striper brush for this look.