The 10 Trendiest Summer 2023 Pedicure Colors For Sandal Season

Treat your toes.

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Summer is just a few months away at this point. And for the beauty lovers of the world, that means that frequent pedicures just became a top priority for those dreamy, beachside moments spent blissfully barefoot (and with a frozen margarita or two in your hands for good measure).

In my opinion: Nothing makes me feel (and look) quite as put together as a matching co-ord set with a matching mani-pedi moment. Luckily for my fellow mani-pedi coordinators of the world, there just so happens to be quite a bit of crossover when it comes to this summer’s freshest manicure polish trends.

To name a few spoilers? Well, 2023’s breakout “lip gloss” nails are a serious green flag for both fingers and toes come the hottest months of the year. What’s more, the Pamela Anderson-inspired shade of Baywatch red has been named a summer essential for your very own main character moment.

Whether you just so happen to be a loyal salon goer, or much prefer that at-home polish painting life — here are 10 expert-approved lacquer hues that are sure to be major summer pedicure colors for 2023, as shared by Julie Sariñana, Jin Soon Choi, and Nadine Abramcyk.


High-Shine Lip Gloss Nails

Jin Soon Choi, the founder of cult-fave brand JINsoon, says this of the sheer pink lip gloss nail trend: “Sheer colors like JINsoon’s Muse are always in and keep your toenails looking super clean and fresh.”


Heavy Metal

Julie Sariñana, a color-loving lifestyle blogger and founder of Color Dept., says this of on-trend Y2K-inspired metallic shades: “A bright metallic is always a fun choice. Color Dept.’s Moondust is for when you’re craving a more glammed up nail — it's a statement color that brings a stylish sparkle to your pedicure.”


Citrus Squeeze

Hailey Bieber’s neon yellow nails have already served as some serious inspo for summer. And Sariñana agrees that vivid shades of yellow and orange are the move: “I love a bright and sunny citrus shade that adds a bright twist to your summer wardrobe.”

Choi adds that citrusy shades of coral are classic for summer, and truly complementary “for every skin tone.”


50 Shades Of Green

ICYMI: Shades of green are *everything* this year. And Nadine Abramcyk, Tenoverten’s co-founder, totally agrees. Her fave hue? Tenoverten’s Liberty lacquer, which is a “dusty mint green [that’s] subtle enough if you’re hesitant to dive right into bright pastels, yet still offers a joyful glow.”


Sea & Sky

Inspired by the calming hue of ocean water and clear skies so associated with summer, Abramcyk says that blue is an easy go-to: “Summer offers the perfect canvas for this cooling color. Dip your toes into Tenoverten’s Riverside polish for an icy blue.”

Meanwhile, Choi says bright blues are best paired with a tan: “Use JINsoon’s Cool Blue for a hot blue that will remind you of the fresh ocean this summer. It gives contrast and is playful.”


Crisp White

A classic color for summer, pure white lacquer is (not surprisingly) a hue that every single expert loves. “This shade compliments a tan, [and] looks great under the sun and in the water,” Sariñana says. “It’s a versatile summer polish that adds beauty to every open toe shoe.”

Abramcyk adds: “A crisp white pedicure and a worn-in pair of cutoffs make for an effortless summer look.”

Choi shares: “[White] is perfect for tropical summer vacations.”


Lavender Dreams

Lavender is truly the new neutral IMO — and the experts seem to agree. Abramcyk shares: “Lavender pedicures are one of the hottest trends we are already seeing for summer.”

Choi chimes in to say: “Lilac is a subtle yet pretty toe nail color, and is a good substitute for neutrals for someone that doesn't like pops of color.”

And lastly, Sariñana adds in her expertise: “Color Dept.’s lavender shade, Wisteria, captures the free flowing mood of summer in a way that is both feminine and dreamy. Pastel colors are a top pick for me in the sunny months.”


Left On Red

With the red nail theory very much *still* in full effect, Abramcyk says: “Keep people on their toes with fiery reds. I personally love the Tenoverten LA polish with orangey undertones but to achieve an old Hollywood type of allure, the Carmine polish never disappoints.”


Keep It Chrome

It’s no secret that chrome nails are very much on-trend RN — and Choi says that JINsoon’s Akoya polish is a “white, chrome-like polish [that] makes a statement on your toe nails with a glazed donut-inspired look.”


Bold & Dark

The colors of summer tend to be light and bright, yet Abramcyk expects some darker manis and pedis ahead. Her advice? “Be enigmatic this summer with an unexpected dark nail.”