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Tati Gabrielle Relives Her Best Hairstyle Moments

Close shaves, mullets, and finger waves — the actor has almost done it all.

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Tati Gabrielle shares her favorite hair looks, from the pixie cut she wore as her 'You' character Ma...

In Hair Chronicles, celebrities tell us about their most memorable hairstyles throughout the years, from the ones they’d wear again to those they completely regret. Here, Tati Gabrielle talks about her experimental approach to beauty, newest role as the global ambassador for göt2b, and more.

From a villainous, action-packed role in the blockbuster film Uncharted, to the bookish, hardworking mom who is a love interest of a certain murderous anti-hero everyone seems to simp over (I’m talking about Netflix’s major hit, You), a few words comes to mind when thinking of actor Tati Gabrielle: Fearless. Ever-evolving. Chameleon.

And just as the characters she plays are so vastly different from one another, as is her hair at any given moment — and truly, her approach to beauty (and life in general, really) is unapologetic, experimental, and inspiring.

“I’m very much a person that listens to the ebbs and flows of my own energy. I go with how I feel and whoever I want to be for the day,” she tells me. As for today? Her free-spirited nature is calling her to opt for a style that hasn’t always been the most popular look in recent past. “Currently I’ve been rocking this sort of surfer hair because I’ve been surfing a lot lately. My cut right now is a mullet. Whoever I want to be or whatever place my soul is leaning into, it informs how I dress or how I change my hair.”

As a global ambassador for the hairstyling brand göt2b, Gabrielle is the true embodiment of their bold hair products, effortlessly “aligning with [their] messaging to be whoever you want to be.” Yet with so much change when it comes to her tresses, Tati shares that “less is more,” as she uses “minimal products and [tries] not to touch it as much as possible,” naming göt2b’s Be Twisted Air Dry Curl Foam as one of the only post-shower products she reaches for daily.

Red hair, finger waves, afros, shaved heads, platinum blonde braids, structural updos that are more like modern art ... The California native has seemingly done it all. At this point in our conversation, I just had to know her star sign — and I can officially confirm that her thoughtful mindset and intuitive nature seems written in the stars, as she is a textbook Aquarius: “I’ve been very experimental since I was very young. It was always a thing of me wanting to learn the fullest parts of myself, or to know how far I could take myself. As I’ve gotten older, that [desire] has gotten more refined, [and I’m] more intentional with those discoveries. I was quite a wild kid, and now, it’s more pointed.”

Though it may seem as if Gabrielle has gone for just about every single hair look, when asked what she wants to experiment with next, she answered almost immediately: “I really want to have a rainbow head.” (And truly — how iconic would rainbow-hued finger waves be?) Though if her next look somehow goes awry, the actor explains how there really is no such thing as regret when it comes to her hair: “Whenever something goes wrong with my hair, or even if something doesn’t turn out the way that I wanted it to, I go with it, so I never really have regrets in that way. To anyone out there that is struggling to find themselves or struggling to hone in on their power, it’s so cliché and so simple, but I would say let go. Fall into yourself.”

An actor spends so much time living and breathing within another world and another character’s thoughts. And in Gabrielle’s case, that truth seems to propel her inherent fascination with intently listening to what she wants in any given moment, living within her own power to the fullest extent. And with those passing thoughts inspiring change, she allows herself to explore ideas and be creative with an approach that’s so unafraid, reminding those who are listening that life is too short to not try the things you’ve always wanted to try, and in the same vein, that nothing lasts forever (even a mullet).

Below, Tati Gabrielle details some of her most iconic looks in recent years.

Shaved Head Art At The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Premiere, 2019


“It was so freeing, as a woman, to be able to shave [my] head and find [my] beauty in a different way. That hair moment raised my self esteem in a way that I didn’t even realize that it would.”

Platinum Finger Waves At The CDFA Awards, 2019

Jamie McCarthy/FilmMagic/Getty Images

“My finger waves will forever be one of my favorite hair moments. When I [have] them, I just feel elegant and [have] boss energy.”

Natural Pixie On You, 2021


Marienne Bellamy, Gabrielle’s character on You, called for a look that was much more minimal and natural.

Structural Red Twists At NYFW, 2022

Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images/Getty Images

“[This hair] was flames.”

Ultra-Thin Blonde Braids At The Oscars, 2022

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

“This moment felt the most me, fundamentally. It spoke to my soul in a different way.”

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