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18 Gifts To Get A Long-Distance Partner That Will Bring You Closer

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but a gift can help too.

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Whether you knew you'd be spending the season apart, or are currently stuck in different cities due to travel restrictions, it's undeniably difficult to be away from a significant other during the holidays. And yet, sending gifts to your long-distance partner, especially ones made for folks in LDRs, is a great way to bridge that gap.

The perfect present will be a nice addition to the other things you already do to feel close, like sending lots of texts, setting up FaceTime dates, and maybe even using long-distance sex toys to keep things spicy until you can see each other in person.

As Clarissa Silva, a behavioral scientist, tells Bustle, "One of the keys to a successful long-distance relationship is to maintain healthy levels of intimacy and closeness." There's a lot of communicating that comes with being apart, and it's all essential to staying connected now — and any other time of year.

But again, it can also be fun to throw in a thoughtful gift or two for good measure. If you're looking for an extra way to feel connected when you're apart, here are a few thoughtful gifts to give your long-distance partner during the holidays.



These (super cool) lamps are "in sync," so all you have to do is touch yours and your partner's lamp will start emitting the exact same glow — no matter how far away they are. It's a simple way to let them know you're thinking about them without having to say (or text) a word.


Coordinates Bracelet

Remember friendship bracelets from when you were a kid? These bracelets have the same vibe, only they're for your partner this time 'round.

Whether you choose to use the coordinates of where you first met or the coordinates for where you are right now, this bracelet will always make you feel like you're not that far apart.


Wine & Chocolate

It might sound a little cliché, but as anyone who's been in a long-distance relationship will tell you, having "dates" via Zoom or FaceTime is essential. And that's where the wine and chocolate come in.

Cameron Hughes Wines, for instance, has a great selection of wine gifts — and even Champagne-infused candy if you want to get really fancy. Buy some for your partner, and for yourself, and set up a date.

Include a homemade playlist of all your favorite songs, and just like that you'll be enjoying the most romantic evening possible.


Between App

You can download the Between app for free, or spend $2.99 for a month's worth of feelin' closer.

It allows you to send messages to one another using cute stickers and gifs. You can also easily store photos, videos, and other memories — and keep them in the app, even if you get a new phone.


MyIntent Bracelets

With MyIntent bracelets, you and your partner can decide on a word (or a couple of words) that represent your relationship — or even come up with something you want to work on together, like "trust" — and have matching bracelets made. That way all you have to do is look down at your wrists to remember what you have.


Google Nest Mini

The Google Nest Mini allows you to feel like you're in your partner's home and vice versa. Whether you want to share music or access to YouTube, it's all right there. (And it makes another perfect addition to any FaceTime date night.)


We-Vibe Sync

If there ever was a product specifically made for long-distance couples, it's We-Vibe Sync. While good old-fashioned phone sex can definitely be fun, having your partner — whether they're across the country or across the globe — controlling your vibrator via an app really is that much better.

Sync up often enough, and you might even enjoy the added benefit of learning more about each other's sexual preferences, which you can put to good use the next time you hangout IRL.



How cute is this? LoveBook lets you recreate the whole story of your relationship — or a portino of it, like how you met, your first date, your fave vacation, etc. — using cute drawings. It really will be the ultimate keepsake.


Airline Gift Card

With an airline gift card, like Flightgift, all you have to do is select your delivery method — printout, e-card, etc. — and the amount.

This particular card remains valid for up to two years, and it works with over 300 major airlines worldwide.

Have fun planning your next trip, and talking about what you'll do when you see each other.



Want a clever — and super unique — way to feel closer? Then get your partner an Enso.

With its app, this little heard-shaped object allows you to not just share your own heartbeat, but feel the heartbeat of your SO. It's oddly soothing, and also weirdly romantic.


Phone Stand

Ever want to cuddle up in bed and talk to your partner, without having to hold your phone the entire time? Or worse, dropping it on your face? Then it may be time for a phone stand.

Get yourselves a matching set so you can prop your phones up and talk (or do whatever else) hands-free.


Body Pillow

This pillow is made out of memory foam that conforms to the shape of your body, so it's perfect for a partner who sorely misses snuggling. Send one their way, and rest assured they're sleeping more soundly.


Weighted Blanket

You can also help each other feel more snuggled up, even when you can't sleep next to each other, by using weighted blankets. There's something so comforting about having a little extra weight on you, especially when you're feeling lonely.


Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

While texts are great, you might want to spice up your messaging game with the Lovebox. Because this thing is seriously cool.

When you send a message to your partner, the heart on their Lovebox will start spinning, so they'll know to lift the lid and read from the screen inside.


BÉIS Rolling Suitcaise

This rolling suitcase is the perfect way to say "hint hint, I'll see you soon." It features 360-degree wheels, a telescoping handle, and TSA-approved locks, so your partner can travel easily and securely — as soon as possible.


Instax Photos

For an old-fashioned way to stay in touch, give your partner a camera like the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9, and ask them to document their life. They could send photos of their dog, their daily walks, or even a steamy photo or two, to spice up your long-distance sex life. Look through them once you're together again, and share the backstories.


Collage Photo Frame

A quirky frame is another great way to stay present in each other's lives. Include a few photos, like that cute one you took at the beach last summer, so they can think about you whenever they walk by.


Custom Phone Case

This cute, customizable case is the perfect gift if you're used to hopping on flights in order to see each other. Why? Because the design resembles a plane ticket and you get to choose which airport or town to feature on it.

Choose your hometown or the destination you plan to meet in, the moment you're able to.


Clarissa Silva, behavioral scientist

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