This Running Hack On TikTok Will Totally Change The Way You Work Out

It's all about your tunes.

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This running hack for beginners from TikTok will change how you work out.
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Spring is just around the corner, marking a return to all your fave outdoor workouts. If you’ve been itching to lace up your sneakers and go for a jog, this running tip for beginners, courtesy of TikTok, can help you hit the ground running (literally).

Research shows that running can help reduce stress and improve your mood, in addition to boosting physical strength and endurance. But there’s no denying that running can be tough. Whether you’re taking up jogging for the first time or just getting back into the swing of your running routine, this TikTok running hack will help you slay those miles.

The secret? Syncing your steps with your songs, says certified personal trainer Anthony Crouchelli in this TikTok. All you have to do is cue up music based on its beats per minute (BPMs), and you’ll be more likely to subconsciously run at that pace. Start by checking your fitness tracker or app for your steps per minute. Then browse Spotify’s running playlists organized by BPM to find a playlist that matches your cadence. That way all you have to do to set and maintain your pace is run to the beat of the music, says Crouchelli.

You can also use this hack to meet your running goals, says marathon and mindset coach Sam Tooley. Want to rip some sprints? Pick a playlist with higher BPMs. Prefer a light jog? Opt for lower BPMs. And if you’re looking to improve speed, switch to a playlist with slightly higher BPMs every few runs to effortlessly increase your pace.

This hack can also help you avoid burnout as you start a running routine for the first time, says Steve Stonehouse, a certified trainer, run coach, and director of education for running studio franchise STRIDE. Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the music and run way faster or harder than you intended, he says, which can put you at risk for injury. Sticking to a beat that works for you makes it easier to stay on target without overdoing it.

Added bonus? Running to music you love helps you feel less tired and exercise for longer, according to 2017 research in the International Journal of Physiology, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology. So if you’re new to the sport, logging miles to the beats of your fave playlist can help you power through your run even when the going gets tough, says Barry's instructor Alex Sapot. “You have a better shot of distracting your brain from hyper-focusing on ‘I want to give up,’ and instead trying to hit the rhythm of the song,” he tells Bustle. Just note you may be tempted to shake it and/or sing as you move.

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Alex Sapot, chief curriculum lead and LA-based instructor at Barry's

Steve Stonehouse, NASM-certified personal trainer, USATF run coach, and director of education for STRIDE

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