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7 Stress-Relieving Sex Positions To Try This Holiday Season

Take time for some much-needed relaxation.

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While the holidays are all about comfort and joy, they also have a tendency to bring on stress, stress — and more stress. And that's when you might want to get a little release by trying the best sex positions for relieving stress with your partner.

The holiday season can definitely be a trying time. But if you hop into bed, it will all melt away — at least for a little while. Sex during the holidays is a perfect way to get comfy and cozy, Dr. Megan Stubbs, sexologist and relationship expert, tells Bustle, and feel closer to your partner. And it's also a way to break a sweat and work out a little (healthy, consensual) frustration, too.

If you're visiting family and desperately need a break from the conversation, all you need to do is slip away to a spare bedroom, turn on the shower or a fan to drown out any errant bed creaks, and get to it. You could also sneak away and have sex in your car, if that seems safer. (Or, if you're spending the holidays at home, just go for it as you usually would.)

So, if you're looking for a way to combat stress this holiday season, here are seven sex positions to try — because an orgasm a day might just keep a meltdown at bay.



How To Do It: Get into a spooning position, then place your hips slightly above your partner's. Lift up your top leg and guide them inside of you. (Don't be afraid to use lots of lube.)

Why It's Stress-Busting: It's a really intense, deep position with g-spot stimulation. Plus, it leaves one hand free for clit play.


The Bridge

How To Do It: Lie on your back with knees bent. Have your partner kneel between your legs. Then raise your butt and lower back off the bed to form a "bridge" shape with your bodies.

Why It's Stress-Busting: This is quite an athletic position, so if you feel like you have extra stress to work out, the exertion might just do you good. Plus, you'll get a really sexy view of each other, which is always a nice distraction.


Doggy With A Vibrator

How To Do It: Take traditional doggy style up a notch by grabbing your favorite vibrator and either using it on yourself or passing it off to your partner.

Why It's Stress-Busting: This position combines the intensity of doggy with the sensation of your vibrator, for extra stimulation. In fact, there's so much going on you probably won't even remember what you were stressed about in the first place.


The Splitter

How To Do It: Start in missionary, then have your partner raise up onto their knees. Lift one of your legs and rest it on their shoulder. Make sure you move slowly, especially if you're not particularly flexible.

Why It's Stress-Busting: You get to lie back, close your eyes, and enjoy all the sensations, while your partner gets to do their thing.


Weak In The Knees

How To Do It: One of you will lie on their back in bed, while the other sits on their face. Just make sure the person on top lowers down slowly, because safety first.

Why It's Stress-Busting: Since it's a really intimate position, you'll be too focused on the task at hand to worry about anything else.


The Plow

How To Do It: Get into missionary, then raise one leg up and lean it against your partner's shoulder, then raise the other. Go slowly to make sure you're comfortable, because it may be a strain.

Why It's Stress-Busting: This position is incredibly deep and intense, so both of you will be getting a lot of sensation.


In A Chair

How To Do It: While your partner sits in a chair, swing your leg over and straddle their lap. From there you can bounce up and down, grind — whatever feels good. Then, try facing away from them for a different, extra sexy angle.

Why It's Stress-Busting: If you usually have sex in bed, the chair will add an exciting twist.

If you feel holiday stress creeping in, give these sex positions a try. Whether you choose one requires extra effort and focus, provides a great view, or lets you bliss out, they're sure to keep your mind off things.


Dr. Megan Stubbs, sexologist and relationship expert

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