7 Anna Kendrick Roles That Should Have Happened Since She'd Fit Perfectly Into Stars Hollow

Something very important happened 30 years ago. No, no, not some huge scientific discovery or history-altering battle... I'm talking about the birth of Anna Kendrick. As the actress rings in her 30th on Sunday, let's take a moment to reflect on her great work. She was nominated for a Tony Award at the age of 12 — which is undeniably impressive. That "Cups" song from Pitch Perfect? Chances are it was stuck in your head for days and you clumsily tried to re-create the rhythm with a Solo cup. What about when she seemed to tweet every single thought that crossed your mind? She's either psychic or a Twitter genius (both are plausible). Oh, and when she hosted Saturday Night Live last year, she proved she's hilarious IRL, too.

While you probably know her best as Beca from Pitch Perfect, its sequel, and the third PP movie that's in the works (which is aca-amazing news!), that's not the only role she's had. Kendrick starred in Into the Woods, The Last Five Years, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, The Twilight Saga, Cake, and more. But what about the roles she didn't land? There are so many possibilities about what could have been. Here's a roundup of all the roles that should have belonged to Anna Kendrick. Because seriously, she's beyond talented.

Random Resident In Gilmore Girls

Back in April, Kendrick revealed she auditioned for Gilmore Girls early on in her career. Which Stars Hollow resident would she have played? I think she could have been an awesome BFF to Rory and Lane. Or maybe she was a quirky cohort at the Yale Daily News during the later seasons.

Olaf In The Frozen Musical

She said it herself! While I think she'd make an awesome Elsa (or even Anna), she would prefer to play the goofy, lovable snowman. I totally support that.

Ariel In The Little Mermaid

Hosting SNL seemed like second nature to Kendrick. This Little Mermaid rendition proves she'd be perfect for a modern remake of the beloved Disney flick. Especially with that Kesha impression.

Elphaba In The Wicked Movie

Reportedly Kendrick is in talks for the role of Elphaba in the 2016 Wicked movie. With her vocal prowess, I can't think of a better person for the part.

Indiana Jones (Or Indi-Anna Jones)

Flicks And The City Clips on YouTube

Why isn't there a female Indiana Jones yet? In a satirical skit for Red Nose Day, Anna Kendrick proved she's perfect for the part. Somebody needs to make this happen ASAP.

Funny Investigator On CSI

In an interview with Fast Company, Kendrick admitted to auditioning for tons of TV shows before getting her big break. Listing previous auditions, she told the site,

All the CSIs, all the Law & Orders, definitely House, Psych, I'm sure Rules of Engagement, Bones for sure. The best-case scenario was that I would get on a procedural where I could occasionally be funny and not just do soul-crushing shots of me looking through a microscope. Basically be the wisecracking so-and-so on whatever version of CSI they did next.

Bummer that it didn't pan out.

Detective Benson's BFF On Law & Order SVU

As explained in the quote above, she auditioned for everyone's favorite show to marathon. A lot of great celebs got their start on SVU, and it would have been amazing to see Kendrick play a part. Whether she's a crazy criminal or teaming up with Olivia Benson, the possibilities are endless.

It's actually not too late to make some of these roles happen, right? Crossing my fingers for that Wicked role. Either way, happy birthday, Anna!

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