When Will 'Jurassic World' Come To Netflix? Here's What To Watch While You Wait

Jurassic World was undoubtedly one of the biggest hits of the summer. The world couldn't get enough of Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, and dinosaurs galore, making the Jurassic Park franchise reboot freakishly successful, breaking records with $511 million at the global box office opening weekend — and it's now made over three times that. It's no surprise, then, that three months after the film's theater release, fans are dying to get their hands on the movie to watch it over and over again in their own homes. And, though DVDs are nice, y'all know it's all about the Netflix Instant Watch. So, when will Jurassic World be on Netflix? Not soon enough.

Jurassic World, aka the two-hour Chris Pratt hotness parade, is coming out on DVD and Blu-ray on Oct. 20, is expected to hit iTunes on Oct. 1, and will be available for purchase on Amazon Prime Sept. 30. For now, it looks like the only chance fans will have to see the dinosaur epic at home will be either to purchase or rent Jurassic World on DVD and online. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Jurassic World will be coming to Netflix Instant Watch anytime soon. The DVD won't even be available through the DVD rental service until Nov. 17, the same day the film will be available for rent via Redbox. And, given how few blockbusters land on Netflix streaming at the same time as their DVD release, it's likely Jurassic World won't be streaming on the site until next year, most likely sometime that fall — October 2016, perhaps?

In the meantime, here are some things on Netflix that can help you deal with any cravings for action or Pratt/Howard withdrawal symptoms you may be experiencing.

1) Parks And Rec (Seasons 1-6)


As any sane person knows, the first (and arguably only) thing one should reach for in times of Chris Pratt need is Parks and Rec. Pratt played the lovable goofball and dumbest person ever, Andy Dwyer, on the sitcom for seven beautiful seasons. (Yes, fans of the super-fit Pratt seen in Zero Dark Thirty, Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World might be a little surprised by Andy in early seasons, but, come on, that smile still kills regardless.)

2) The Village


Bryce Dallas Howard's breakout film, The Village is arguably one of M. Night Shyamalan's best films. It stars Howard as a badass blind girl, Ivy Walker, who embarks on a terrifying journey through the woods to save her true love, Lucius Hunt, played by Joaquin Phoenix. Not only is the movie a haunting thriller, not unlike Jurassic World in some ways, it also provides a nice contrast to Howard's controversial heel-wearing in Jurassic World . (Bonus: Judy Greer, who plays the too-absent mother in Jurassic World, also plays Howard's sister in The Village! And, she has way more to do than in Jurassic World. When someone gives you more Judy Greer, you don't say no.)

3) World War Z


Though it doesn't star Pratt or Howard — you'll have to settle for long-haired Brad Pitt — this zombie action flick should, at the very least, provide some fun humans vs. monster action! Swap in dinosaurs for zombies and the Jurassic World island for... the entire world, and you've got World War Z . Plus, the film is available on Netflix in both its theatrical release and a "new unrated cut." The unrated cut is only six minutes longer than the original, but who knows what those six minutes could hold!

4) Dinotasia


This pseudo-documentary brings dinosaurs to life (sort of) with CGI. If you loved the dinosaurs in Jurassic World but only tolerated the humans, then this could be the one for you! The documentary is based on real research and fossils, so, expect a more scientific, historical version of Jurassic World. (Note: Netflix lists the movie as "Violent, Exciting," so, you've been warned.)

5) Jumanji


There is literally no movie as terrifying as Jumanji. I don't care that it's a movie for kids, or that it stars Robin Williams — Jumanji will forever be one of the scariest films I have ever seen. I mean, human-hungry animals coming out of a board game? That's just not right. That said, the scary factor is exactly what makes Jumanji a fun Jurassic World substitute while you wait for the latter movie to hit Netflix.

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