Are The Kimoji Supposed To Look Like Kylie Jenner? Kim Kardashian May Have Been Inspired By Her Little Sis' Style

As someone who's practically fluent in emoji, I couldn't have been more excited when Kim Kardashian launched the Kimoji app. I immediately downloaded it and threw crying Kim faces into any conversation possible. Just last week, Kardashian announced a Kimoji update that not only included gifs, but some pretty empowering options (like birth control pills and tampons). While some of the Kimoji images are clearly inspired by Kim's own style, it looks like there was another influence: her little sister Kylie Jenner. Seriously, if you take a closer look, the app totally has Kylie's signature style.

Although Kim hasn't said so explicitly, fans on Twitter have pointed out the similarities. Plus, any avid Keeping Up With The Kardashians viewer will remember the 2013 episode where Kim tries so hard to copy Kylie's style. She just thought that Kylie epitomized what it meant to be cool, so she spent hours scrolling through her Tumblr.

When it came time to design her app, it looks like Kim borrowed Kylie's style influence once again. The biggest giveaway? There's one with blue-green hair. Although there was another KUWTK episode where Kim tried on different wigs, she never really strays from her signature jet-black hair, unless of course, it's to go platinum blonde. But when it comes to colors like pink or green, that's more Kylie's style.

Here's a round-up of every Kimoji that Kylie most likely inspired.

1. Hair Colors

Although Kim may have gone blonde, she never let her roots show. It's Kylie, who's dyed her hair all of these colors — dark roots and all.

Plus, if you look closely at the Kimoji face. It doesn't look quite like Kim. It really does resemble the youngest Jenner.

2. Graduation Day

Of course, Kim graduated high school years ago. But you know who graduated just last year? Kylie.

When you look at the photo of her in her cap and gown, she even has wavy hair like the Kimoji illustration.

3. Crowns

Kylie goes by the nickname "King Kylie." Why else would this Kimoji exist? She's worn crowns in photos before, too.

It perfectly ties into Kylie's personal brand.

4. Balmain

OK, so Kim and Kylie both rock Balmain. But this looks like it could be straight out of Kylie's closet.

It's reminiscent of her dress from Kris Jenner's holiday party (just minus the sparkles).

5. Sweets

Kylie has a major sweet tooth. There's even an early episode of KUWTK where she goes to Sugar Factory in Las Vegas and talks about it being her favorite candy.

Sometimes her love of sweets makes an appearance on Instagram. Everybody knows Kim is crazy about her beignets, but I've never seen her snack on gummy bears.

6. Cars

This car looks a lot like one of Kylie's. She has an ever-growing car collection and is a fan of the big, boxy cars.

See the resemblance?

7. Selfie

These sisters both deserve the title of Selife Queen. Still, I'd say this one could be definitely fitting of Kylie's persona. Look at the long nails and long dark hair.

Taking selfies is a regular occurrence on Kylie's Instagram.

8. Lips

There's no bigger hint to Kylie's style influence than the lip Kimoji choices.

Is it just me or do those color choices look a lot like the Kylie Lip Kit options?

If you weren't convinced before, it's hard to argue after all that evidence. Kim most likely was influenced by her baby sis — and that's not a bad thing at all.

Images: KIMOJI