How To Style Kylie Jenner's Favorite Basics

Real talk: Kylie Jenner's #OOTD photos on Instagram aren't always centered around luxe, designer items. King Kylie also wears a lot of basics that you might just find in your own wardrobe. I decided to try to prove just how easy it is to copy Kylie Jenner's basic outfits, working them into wearable yet chic and trendy ensembles that anyone can recreate. After all, while I can certainly appreciate Jenner's amazing style, it's not exactly wearable if you're, well, not Kylie Jenner.

I went straight to Jenner's Instagram for inspiration, where she's not shy about showcasing her brilliant sartorial talents. Although her photos are jam-packed with designer shoes and skintight bodysuits, you'll sometimes find her sharing selfies in which she's wearing basic pieces like tank top dresses, white tank tops, or even light wash jeans. It's fascinating to see how Jenner — arguably the style icon of the moment — can turn everyday, non-fashionista pieces into trendy staples with the right combination of textures, colors, and accessories.

With Jenner as my muse, I set out to make some of her favorite basics easily wearable in an average human's everyday. There are no high-fashion pics or designer labels to come, but hopefully accessible looks that can easily cater to the personal styles of many.

1. Little Black Dress

Kylie's Version: Simple yet sexy, Jenner's approach to a little black dress is basic but still makes a statement. Here, she styled it with a pair of on-trend, all-white sneakers, a black jacket, and what looks to be a Rolex.

My Version: My approach is a lot more casual. Since Jenner's LBD looks more like a long tank top than a dress, that's how I styled myself. Pairing my tank top with fitted jeans and white Converse sneakers, the look feels much more suitable for a variety of occasions. It's even more cold weather friendly.

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2. Light Wash Jeans

Kylie's Version: Compared to her LBD look, this one is quite modest. Jenner paired her light wash jeans with a high neck white blouse and some killer sneaks. Simple but über-trendy.

My Version: I definitely see the appeal of dressing up light wash jeans so they can be worn for various occasions. With a black blouse and some black boots, light wash jeans can evolve from an '80s nightmare to a chic, Instagram-worthy #OOTD. Clearly I'm not as much of a pro at mirror selfies as Jenner, but I'm digging my light-wash jeans dressed up with a couple of key pieces.

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3. Black Tank Top

Kylie's Version: OK, King Kylie. I see you! Even though this sweatpants-with-my-tank-top-pulled-up look isn't my forte, Jenner makes it work with sunglasses and a chic hairstyle. Spot the Yeezy sneakers?

My Version: There are definitely ways to look chic in items as basic as a black tank top and that don't require ridiculous sweatpants. I wore my tank top with black leggings, draped over a cozy blanket scarf, and with a pair of signature sunnies. Comfortable, understated, yet cute, this outfit is a lot more accessible and less trend-of-the-moment than Jenner's look.

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4. Black Leggings

Kylie's Version: Perfect for the gym, for running errands, or for any human experience ever, a casual outfit like Jenner created with black leggings and an oversized jacket is undoubtedly a comfortable and chic one.

My Version: My best attempts at recreating Jenner's Instagram photos might have been falling short. But Jenner has the right idea when approaching basic black leggings. I, too, paired my leggings with a thick jacket, but also added a long tunic blouse (for extra booty coverage) and a pair of velvet boots to jazz it up.

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5. Graphic T-Shirt

Kylie's Version: Skintight tan skirt and a graphic T-shirt? I would have never thought of it, but clearly Jenner's rocking the look.

My Version: I actually had a T-shirt by the same brand in my closet (not a Kylie-influenced purchase at all, guys). I paired the shirt with a longer, black skirt and sheer black pantyhose, which felt more real-life friendly. The look definitely has the same sass and personality to it that Jenner's ensemble does, but with a little more coverage (I could definitely wear this to my office job).

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6. White Tank Top

Kylie's Version: You must have known that Jenner's funky hair colors were going to make an appearance in this piece. She paired her green, mermaid hair with an all-white ensemble once upon a time, rocking a white tank top with white pants and white boots. Very cool.

My Version: Kylie's take on the white tank top is very likely one only she could rock. I took a white tank top and paired it with a skirt and cardigan to make the overall look more appropriate for my everyday. It's surprising how much a basic white tank top can do, guys. So don't be afraid to pair this piece with unexpected items, like pencil skirts, high-waisted shorts, or acid wash denim.

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7. Bomber Jacket

Kylie's Version: Jenner's bomber jacket looks amazing. She paired it with a trendy mesh blouse plus white shorts and Timberland boots to bring on all the rad-ness. A trendy fashionista must know her way around the classics — bomber jackets included.

My Version: A bomber jacket doesn't necessarily need a lot of bells and whistles to make it look absolutely chic. In fact, even a T-shirt and jeans will do. Pair it with classic black flats and some dainty jewelry. It's as easy as that.

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8. Tailored Black Pants

Kylie's Version: Kylizzle rocks her tailored black pants like a true fashionista (aka she'll take black pants to places you never thought they would go). I would have never guessed that a black, cropped lace top would look good with tailored trousers.

My Version: When I think of tailored pants, my mind imagines pairing them with professional attire rather than Jenner's lace crop top. I took her lead, though, and made the look chic yet work-appropriate with a striped blouse, a blazer, and a pair of lace-up flats. The outfit was kept trendy with the accessories and styling, but much more conservative and ideal for my everyday look.

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9. Denim Jacket

Kylie's Version: Jenner is the queen of Instagram and '90s fashion. The destroyed denim jacket paired with the black choker say "chic, punk chick from the '90s," no?

My Version: I don't know how well I pull off the angsty, '90s teen thing. So I went for something more J. Crew with a collared striped blouse underneath a classic denim jacket. I too can pull off the left stare, King Kylie. This look is a lot more wearable for me than a black collar.

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10. Striped Shirt

Kylie's Version: Dramatic lighting, trendy sunnies, designer jewelry, and, wait, is that a striped shirt? Jenner wouldn't wear something as basic as a striped shirt, would she? Yes, yes she would.

My Version: Stripes are such a solid, reliable print that you really can't go wrong. Jenner's take on a striped top is one anyone can emulate. A pair of trendy sunnies really will take your stripes to the next level, though.

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11. Running Sneakers

Kylie's Version: It's not uncommon for Jenner to rock sneaks even if she isn't in work-out gear. She definitely does the athleisure trend some good.

My Version: Making the sneakers a little more playful and trendy, I paired them with black leggings, an oversized striped shirt, and a gray coat. I felt very casual, but liked how comfortable and easy the whole look was. Plus, no one asked me what gym I was going to. Score!

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So, there you have it. Eleven attempts at recreating some of Kylie Jenner's most basic Instagram photos. Hopefully these Jenner-inspired outfits are based around things that are hanging in your closet. Take a hint from King Kylie and start styling those basic wardrobe garments into unchartered territories.

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Images: Melodi Erdogan