Feeling Prickly After Shaving? 10 Shaving Tips To Feel Smoother Longer

Truth: I absolutely cannot stand the feeling of scratchy, prickly hair while I’m sitting with my legs crossed, and that’s why I’m constantly looking for genius hacks that make your shave last longer. Don’t get me wrong — The no-shave movement has my full support, especially because you can’t claim to be all about natural health if you don’t acknowledge that body hair is both purposeful and nothing to be ashamed of. That being said, I’m a shave-for-myself kind of shaver. I like the feel of smooth, hairless skin on my own body, and if I can make my shave last longer without prickles, I’m going to go for it.

Most women who want several days of no hair opt for the waxing option, but for a lot of women, it’s too expensive, too time consuming, or too irritating. There are a few really solid ways to get a close shave with your razor, as well as a few other tools that slow down regrowth and keep skin feeling extra smooth. Whether you’re trying to get rid of hair on your legs, underarms, or bikini area, check out these tips and products that give you a long-lasting shave without that prickly feeling afterwards.

Exfoliate The Area First

MY Konjac Exfoliating Sponge, $12, Amazon

The closer you can get to the root, the longer your shave will last, but if you’ve got dead skin blocking your razor, you’ll end up with prickly hairs in no time. I’m a huge fan of konjac sponges because they exfoliate gently, but effectively. This MY Konjac exfoliating sponge is full-sized for all-over body use, which makes it great for pre-shaving exfoliation. It’s also infused with bamboo charcoal to pull out impurities, and anti-bacterial to prevent infections.

Tea Tree Oil Exfoliating Scrub, $14 (Was $25), Amazon

This tea tree oil exfoliating scrub is another awesome option for pre-shave exfoliation. It’s got incredible natural ingredients like volcanic pumice and white willow bark, which buff away dead skin while reducing inflammation. It’s also got tea tree oil, which fights infections and bacteria so that razor-bumps and irritations become a thing of the past.

Shave Last In The Shower

The longer you wait to shave while in the shower, the more the steam and hot water opens up your pores and softens the hair on your body. That means a closer and longer-lasting shave. Wash and condition your hair, suds down your body, and sing a few Shania Twain songs before you get to shaving. Another great option is to wet a towel with hot water and leave it on the area for a few minutes.

Shave With Oil — Not Shaving Cream

Taconic Shave Oil , $15 (Was $22), Amazon

Not only are shaving creams normally filled with synthetic ingredients that irritate the skin, but they’re not too great at moisturizing the hair, either. Taconic's shave oil is made with only high-quality essential oils and vitamin E that soften the hair and skin and provide a gentle, seamless shave that cuts the hair short.

Try An Electric Shaver

Tezam Rechargeable Electric Shaver , $23 (Was $50), Amazon

If inconvenience is the biggest roadblock between you and smooth skin, this Tezam rechargeable electric shaver is a number one new release for a reason. It can be used wet or dry, and has a great ergonomic design that cuts hair anywhere super short without irritation. It’s also got an epilation function, and one reviewer even said, it’s “the first electric razor I have bought that actually gives me a clean, close shave on my legs!”

Moisturize With Shea Butter & Argan Oil

Pacific Shaving Company Post-Shave Moisturizer, $8, Amazon

Moisturizing both before and after you shave will keep your skin smooth, hydrated, and not so prickly. Reviewers are thrilled with this post-shave moisturizer because it uses nothing but safe, natural ingredients that keep hair soft and skin smooth without an overbearingly greasy feeling. It’s lightweight and has a fresh, subtle scent, so it can be used anywhere.

Keep Your Razor Sharp

Razorpit Blade Sharpener & Cleaner, $31, Amazon

A dull razor means less control, more chance of cutting yourself, and the inability to get a close shave. Switching out your razor often is a great idea, or you could go for this Razorpit Blade Sharpener. It works on all razors, from cartridge to disposable to DE blades, and it cleans the skin cells off while it realigns the blades, so you can get a like-new shave every single time.

Try Epilating Instead

Braun Silk Epilator , $34 (Was $50), Amazon

I finally invested in this Braun silk epilator because I didn’t want to shave every day anymore. It plucks the hair right from the root, which means it takes days before regrowth begins. While it does hurt a little bit, it’s well worth it for me, and I’m really fond of this model because it’s relatively gentle, powerful with its 20 tweezers, and has a bright LED light, so I can see where I need to epilate.

Shave Downwards Every Time, Except For The Last Time

This is a trick that my mother taught me, and really, no one’s a better expert on the matter than the woman who hit puberty a few decades before you. If you’re using a razor to get rid of hair, shave downwards with the grain the whole time, until your last once-over. Then go upwards. Not only does this give you a close, long-lasting shave, but it prevents the irritation and ingrown hairs that will result from continuously shaving against hair growth.

Get Rid Of Razor Bumps For Next Time

Kerah Lane Organic Razor Bump Serum , $19 (Was 30), Amazon

If you’ve got long-lasting razor bumps, it’ll prevent a smoother shave next time you go in with your razor, because you’ll have trouble getting close to the skin without nicking yourself. Kerah Lane's organic razor bump serum is a great option after any hair removal process, because it sooths and heals the skin with all-natural ingredients, whether you’re using it on underarms, legs, bikini, or even face. Reviewers are over the moon, because their skin is now clear, smooth, and irritation-free.

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