If 'Southern Charm' Gets a Second Season, This is What We Want to See

Now that the news is out regarding the Southern Charm baby, I can't stop reeling. What does Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis's baby mean for the show? How will precious little Kensington fit into the SC mix? Will she be on Season 2? WAIT. Will there even be a second season? There has to be a second season. There MUST be a second season. I do not know what I will do if there is not a second season. The only way I can stomach the thought of the first season ending next week is by telling myself that there could be another season. No, I don't know what the odds of another season are, but that doesn't matter. I'm clinging on to hope with both hands.

Why do I think SC deserves another season? Because I'm not ready to say goodbye! I think there's still so much SC to be had. The Charmers' lives are, and continue to be, very interesting and eventful. It's been several months since the first season finished taping, and a lot has changed with the cast. There’s a darling baby! A wedding! A model girlfriend! A rock ’n’ roll boyfriend! A maybe-revived political career! Who knows what else? If we are fortunate enough to get a second season, I'm hoping taping is secretly already underway. Why? Good stuff be going on with the Charleston crew, and it'd be a shame if all of it wasn't caught on camera. A SHAME.

If Season 2 happens, here's what I'd like to see:

Kathryn Dennis as a main cast member

Duh. She gets a ton of screen time as is. Give her top billing already!

An episode that mirrors the Season 1 pregnancy test/doctor visit episode

Here's what I'm thinking: Once again, a pregnancy test will give Kathryn an "error" message. Kathryn and T-Rav go to the doctor, but this time around, Kathryn finds out she is pregnant. Kathryn and T-Rav celebrate the news with boozeless orange juices. Full circle!

All of the Other Significant Others

Whitney Sudler-Smith's ladyfriend! Cameran Eubanks's husband! Jenna King's boyfriend! Whoever the other cast members are dating! Get 'em all on the show!

A baby shower

A Charleston baby shower? Yes, please. Bonus points if Patricia Altschul hosts it.

A wedding

A Charleston wedding? Yes, please. Bonus points if Patricia Altschul officiates it.

A Political Campaign

Go T-Rav, go T-Rav, GO! Bonus points if Patricia Altschul is the campaign manager.

More Patricia Altschul Screen time

I'm thinking at least 15 minutes of Pat awesomeness an episode. Don't fight me on this.

Baby Kensington with fake eyelashes

I’m totally kidding. That’d be absurd.

Image: Bravo