9 Videos 'Big Brother's Frankie Grande Should Make with his Fellow Houseguests

When you're done with all the scheming, backstabbing, and manipulating you have to do as a houseguest on Big Brother , there still has to be some boring lulls in which you need to figure out how to occupy yourself. When Frankie Grande has some downtime in the house, I can only imagine that he's taking all of the inspiration he's getting while on Big Brother and channeling it into brainstorming ideas for YouTube videos to film when he's done with the show.

Aside from being Ariana Grande's brother, Frankie's claim to fame before hitting up the Big Brother house was that he is a YouTube star. He currently has 241,379 subscribers to his YouTube channel, which is sure to only grow as this season of Big Brother goes on. What that means is Frankie's new and old fans alike are going to expect him to create some stellar content after such a long absence. But Frankie has nothing to worry about because he should be able to make some pretty amazing videos based on what has gone on in the Big Brother house, and we're not even halfway through the season yet. Not to mention, he has a whole new bunch of guest stars in his fellow Big Brother contestants.

Just in case Frankie is looking for any suggestions, I've decided to help him get his creative juices flowing and provide him with some ideas for videos he can film with his fellow houseguests. You can thank me later, Frankie.

Amber is The Bachelorette

Frankie could put on his Chris Harrison suit and help Amber find a more suitable suitor than Caleb. It's the least he can do after backdooring her.

Caleb Reacts to His Behavior on Big Brother

This would be akin to those reaction videos that get really popular when there's a crazy video going around, like when YouTube users reacted to The Red Wedding on Game of Thrones in 2013. Frankie could sit Caleb down and make him watch all of the cringeworthy moments between him and Amber that we were witness to this season but that Caleb seems to be oblivious to. The hope would be that Caleb would finally realize his creepy ways and how inappropriate his actions were. Sadly, I have a feeling this probably wouldn't faze Caleb at all.

Cody and Frankie as America's Next Top Models

You're probably already well aware of Cody's modeling career, and it always seems like Frankie comes prepared to smize in every photo he is in. Why not just let these two beautiful creatures pose for the camera or have a walk-off or something? If it even comes close to this video, I'm sure it'll be a hit on the Interwebs.

Donny and Frankie Go to Work

The houseguests this season have speculated about Donny's real occupation, from once being in the military to being a college professor to being an actor. After hearing all of these theories, maybe Donny will be inspired to try out some new occupations, and Frankie could be his trusty sidekick a la Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie in The Simple Life.

Keep the Faith with Jocasta

Since Jocasta is a minister, it would make so much sense for her to deliver some spiritual guidance via YouTube, especially because she also has her own YouTube channel. We also know that Frankie is fairly comfortable with public speaking, recently delivering a heartfelt eulogy for his late grandfather. With Frankie's creativity and Jocasta's way with words, we're sure the two could find a way to create an uplifting video.

Eat Fruit Loops with "Fruit Loop Dingus" Nicole

After Zach's outrageous nomination ceremony speech, Nicole will forever be known as the "Fruit Loop Dingus. She and Frankie should just break bread, er cereal, and chat over a heaping helping of everyone's favorite breakfast.

Victoria Tries to Guess Who Frankie's Sister Is

Victoria is kind of obsessed with learning details about Frankie's family, especially his sister. It seems like she's hot on his trail, but hopefully, she'll still be in the dark once the season is over so we can all be entertained by Victoria trying to guess who Frankie's sister is in a game show format.

Zach and Frankie Do Dirty Rancing

Frankie has danced on Broadway, and Zach is never afraid to burst into twerking. These two need to get it over with already and finally do a dance routine together because we all know that they make excellent partners. Honestly, our lives would be complete if they could just do that lift from Dirty Dancing . You know the one.

Bonus: Julie Chen and Frankie Do Anything

Julie Chen is so calm, cool, and collected all the time that we would love to see how she would interact with Frankie and his craziness. And since Chen had such nice things to say about Frankie, we feel like she would just fangirl all over him when they're both outside the confines of the Big Brother house.

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