16 Vampire Nail Designs For Halloween 2023 That Are Gory & Glamorous

Manicure inspo to sink your teeth into.

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From classic depictions of vampires in gothic literature, like Bram Stoker’s Dracula or even Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire, to more modern depictions of the blood-thirsty creatures on the screen (think Twilight or The Vampire Diaries) — vampires are undoubtedly a spooky season staple that range from truly horrifying to oddly lust-worthy.

With Halloween not too far away, many will turn to their own unique versions of blood-thirsty vampires for their costumes.

Aside from vampy lipstick and daringly dark eye makeup, an on-theme vampire nail design, of course, is the final detail for any ‘fit that truly brings the frightful look together...

When it comes to a vampire-inspired manicure color palette, an obvious choice is a vivid shade of red nail polish (which has recently been co-signed by the likes of Kylie Jenner and Megan Fox). Other choices are pure black, edgy silver chrome, and even neutral white hues that are reminiscent of a vampire’s ultra-sharp fangs.

As for the maximalists who prefer eye-catching art and 3D details in lieu of more low-key tips, blood splatter nail art is both daring and morbid, while intricate cobwebs can be worn all spooky season long.

In need of some inspiration for your costume this Halloween? Here are 16 vampire nail design ideas that are all things gory and glamorous.

Bloody Red Swirls

For classic spooky season manicure that screams all things vampire, try some bold red swirls (3D blood drop optional).

Black & Red Aura Nails

With an ultra-long stiletto shape that is inspired by vampire fangs, these black and red aura nails are sultry and daring.

Simple Red French Tips

For the total mani minimalists who still want to try something fresh and on-theme for Halloween, trade up a classic French white hue for your favorite shade of red nail polish.

Abstract Blood Splatter Nails

Start with a “your nails but better” neutral shade of polish, then create realistic blood splatter nail art design with a deep red lacquer shade. Seen here on long, stiletto-shaped tips, this mani works on all nail lengths.

Bleeding Rose Nail Art

It’s no secret that countless vampire stories are filled with romance — and these bleeding rose tips truly embody just that.

Gory Blood Drips

Eye-catching and a bit odd, too, these blood red 3D nails are textured to mimic the look of gory horror flick scenes.

Goth Details

For vampire costumes and beyond, this gothic set painted on sharp stiletto-shaped claws is sure to tap your inner dark side.

Scarlet-Stained Mix

Opt for a patchwork manicure that features 3D details, chrome finishes, silver gems, and red nail polish hues.

Minimalist Red Blood Drop Nails

Elevate a neutral manicure with some artful blood drops on just a few statement nails.

Sharp As Fangs

With a sharpened nail shape that nods to a vampire’s sharp teeth, the white marble nail design on these tips are giving BVE (big vampire energy, of course).

Black Micro French Nails

Adorn your nails’ tips with a thin layer of black nail polish for a sultry micro French mani.

Edgy Nail Jewelry

Adorning your nails with silver jewelry will add an unexpected bit of edge to any manicure.

Clear Red-Tinted French Tips

Clear nails with a red-stained tint are a major green flag for any and every vampire costume this Halloween.

Chrome Spiderweb Nail Art

In lieu of a traditional French design, create spiderweb nail art in chromatic hues on every single tip.

Gothic Renaissance Nails

Reminiscent of old-age castles with walls covered in gilded portraits and gothic artwork, these “more is more” nails are perfect for a more bespoke vampire costume.

Red & Black Ombré Nails

A red-to-black ombré set is a go-to manicure that looks stunning all month long.

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