5 Wednesday Addams Makeup Ideas That Give Major “Soft Goth” Vibes

From screen-accurate to full-glam beat.

Here are Wednesday Addams makeup ideas for Halloween, inspired by 'Wednesday' star Jenna Ortega.

Ever since Jenna Ortega’s depiction of Wednesday Addams hit Netflix in late November 2022, an obsession with the iconic (and deeply macabre) character has been steady and true. So much so that for Halloween 2023, Wednesday-themed costumes are sure to be a popular choice (next to classic vampires and pink clad Barbies, of course).

From the 1960s-era black-and-white television series, The Addams Family, to more modern and cartoonish iterations of Wednesday, a few things are a major part of her iconography: braided pigtails and moody, intensified eyes. She’s seldom seen in colorful clothing, instead wearing all-black everything with an occasional white collar.

Since depictions of the character range from a young girl to an early teen, Wednesday’s makeup is typically on the minimal side. Come the evening of Halloween, however, it’s the perfect time to amp up your look, making it more unique and much bolder than your everyday makeup.

Whether you’re the type to plan your Halloween look months in advance or pull something together at the very last minute, a Wednesday Addams costume is classic. Below, find makeup ideas that serve big Wednesday energy, from screen-accurate glam to gothic details that are sure to inspire.

5 Wednesday Addams Makeup Ideas For Halloween 2023

Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Makeup


Planning a screen-accurate Wednesday costume inspired by Jenna Ortega’s version of the beloved character? The Netflix show’s lead makeup and hair designer, Tara McDonald, previously told Bustle exactly how she achieved Ortega’s sunken eyes and berry-stained lips.

“It was important that [her makeup] looked natural,” McDonald shared. “We settled on Nightmoth Lip Liner by M.A.C. [Cosmetics]. [Her] lips were outlined and then blended inwards, almost like an ombré effect, and Dr. Pawpaw [balm] was applied on top.”

As for eye makeup? A bit of grey-toned shadow blended on the lower lash line will do the trick.


For those who want to break away from the signature braided pigtail hairstyle, Wednesday’s viral dance scene offered up fresh glam inspiration.

With a similarly muted, berry-toned lip, Ortega’s eyes were dramatized by way of some added smokiness at her outer corners. What’s more, her crown braid allowed her bangs and loose tendrils to add some romantic texture.

’90s Contoured Lips & Grey Eyes

Take Wednesday’s screen-accurate glam and make it a bit bolder for Halloween by creating a deeper smoky eye with a focus on elongated lower lashes (using some faux eyelashes if need be). As a final touch, create a black-lined ’90s lip with a glossy finish for a similar ombré effect.

Black Lipstick & Spider Lashes

Many beauty lovers who were fans of 2016-era YouTube makeup are still full-beat girlies, forever committed to face-snatching contour, fluffy faux eyelashes, super shiny highlighter, and a long-lasting matte lip. If you fall under that category — or just want to take your Halloween glam to the next level — spidery lashes and pure black lipstick are a statement-making combination.

Graphic Eye Makeup

This glam moment pairs a semi-matte complexion with a focus on graphic eyes and cinnamon-hued lips. For the eye makeup, warm brown tones are blended throughout the crease, with a bold, softly-blended wing (made all the more interesting with a double-lined inner corner).

Wednesday Vibes, But Make Them Mod

ICYMI, the 1960s have been providing some serious fashion and beauty inspiration for quite some time now. This mod, polka dotted eye makeup moment is a nod to the decade, which just so happens to be a subtle reference to The Addams Family, which first aired in 1964.