The “Butterfly Bob” Is The Chicest Short Haircut Trend For Fall

Here’s everything to know about the trendy chop.

Zendaya's butterfly bob has become a major short haircut trend in 2023.
Gilbert Flores/Variety/Getty Images
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With the cooler fall months coming up quickly, there is often an inherent desire for a bit of change. For some, that change could mean treating yourself to a dark, “more is more” manicure (like Emily Ratajkowski’s recent red serpent nail moment), or perhaps splurging on a cozy new perfume to coincide with the season. For countless others? The brand new autumnal season means it’s time to book a salon appointment for a total hair refresh.

When it comes to the top trending hair colors for fall, experts in the industry tell Bustle that fiery coppers, Barbie-inspired blondes, and rich chocolate brunettes are among some of the most popular shades right now. As for those more interested in going for a buzzy chop, it’s no secret that shoulder-skimming bobs are having a main character moment, with A-listers like Kim Kardashian, Halsey, Hailey Bieber, Zendaya, and more going for the look.

That being said — not all bob haircuts are created equal, and countless iterations of the shorter ‘do exist. The “power bob” is a fun way of describing a cut that is even all the way around, without much movement or layering at all. The “micro bob” (as worn by Kourtney Kardashian Barker) takes the cut to much shorter lengths, and a “French girl bob” often features some flirty fringe.

As for the rising “butterfly bob” haircut trend? Ryan Austin, a hair guru at NYC’s IGK Salon who has worked with celebrities such as Kate McKinnon and Tinashe, spills all.

What Is The “Butterfly Bob” Haircut?

Rather than sharper lines, this haircut trend features airy layers. “A butterfly bob is more layered and has much more texture than the previously popular blunt bob,” Austin tells Bustle. More often than not, shorter layers and curtain bangs are added in the front to frame the face, allowing for some serious movement (and that enviable "McDonald's bangs" vibe made easier, too).

The longer “butterfly haircut,” which has celeb fans like Jennifer Lopez and Hailee Steinfeld, typically refers to those lengthy, ’70s shag vibes — and Austin says that the short version of the chop is similarly a cross between a shag and a bob.

Is The Butterfly Bob Right For You?

While someone with hair on the thinner side would be an especially perfect fit for the more blunt power bob, the butterfly bob haircut is best paired with slightly thicker (or more dense) hair types of any straight, wavy, and curly pattern. However, Austin does note that there’s a wide range of hair textures and densities that can have this haircut — and especially when paired with volume-centric styling products, that bounciest can be replicated on even those with super thin strands.

How To Style A Butterfly Bob

When it comes to butterfly bobs that have been spotted on stars like Jenna Ortega, Lucy Hale, and even Taylor Swift in years past, they all tend to have a few things in common: Lots of volume, and lots of bouncy texture.

When it comes to styling the cut, Austin shares that he loves a velcro roller set to achieve that ’90s-esque, sky-high volume. In general, he notes that fullness and movement are the way to go.

A voluminizing mousse applied at the roots before drying your damp strands will help create a long-lasting effect, while a texturizing spray or pomade will add in some extra edginess and hold once your tresses have fully dried.