The 9 Biggest Tattoo Trends Of Winter 2024, According To Experts

Less is more.

Nothing will make you want more ink quite like the changing of the seasons. As you drag outfit ideas to your Pinterest board and scan TikTok for hair inspo, it’s only natural to get an itch for a new tattoo — especially in the wintertime.

“There is a psychological aspect of personal transformation during the winter months when we make promises [to ourselves],” says Anastasiia Gatsko, a tattoo artist and owner of G Tattoo & Piercing. It’s a time to dream up what you see for yourself in the new year, and that could include some fresh body art.

Fashion aesthetics are always changing, after all, and the same is true for tattoos. While 2023 was full of cool ink trends — including mushrooms, micro realism, and lots and lots of hand tats — the vibe this winter is all about slowing down and leaning into more minimalist designs.

According to Lorena Lorenzo, a tattoo artist and owner of Indigo ArTattoos, there’s been a shift towards a “less is more” aesthetic with tattoos that consist of simple, clean linework and delicate, dainty strokes. While large pieces and sleeves will always have their place, this season is the time to get that minimal design you’ve had your eye on.

Below, artists share the top winter 2024 tattoo trends to keep your eye on as you plan your next piece.


Flash Tattoos

Flash tattoos continue to be a big hit, Gatsko says. These tats come pre-designed by the artist, so you get what you get — and that’s precisely what makes them so fun. All you have to do is walk into a studio during a flash sale and choose one you like off the sheet.

Many flash tats are so cute, they often end up starting a trend of their own. See: the plethora of cowboy boot tattoos. They’re also an easy way to interact with artists you love.


Temporary Ink

If you’ve been dreaming about getting a tat but aren’t quite ready to take the leap, then jump on the temporary tattoo trend. These impermanent designs have become the go-to way to play around with your look without the commitment.

Check out Inbox for hundreds of tattoos that last one to two weeks, or Tattly for designs created by real artists. The winter is the perfect time to take one for a test drive: if you love it, you can do a hard launch in the spring.


Fine Linework

While the tattoos of the past used a lot of gray and heavy shading to create contrast and 3D effects, Lorenzo says we’re officially in the era of simple, clean linework tattoos. Linework uses delicate strokes and extra-skinny lines to create artwork that has a perfectly minimalist vibe.


Wavy Lines

Another big trend for winter? Tattoos that flow with your body by following its contours, says Lorenzo. This can be done using cyber sigilism designs that branch geometrically around your arm, or with liquid-like wavy lines that seem to dance around your shoulder, elbow, or wrist. The more they seem to flow on your skin, the better.


Red Ink

According to Cassie May, a tattoo artist and owner of The Cassie May Studio, red tattoos à la Kylie Jenner are about to take off. “Red ink can be a great choice for designs that symbolize love and passion, as the color is associated with these emotions,” she tells Bustle. “It can also enhance designs that feature elements like roses, hearts, flames, or any option where the color red complements the overall meaning and aesthetic.”


Micro Tats

Micro tattoos have been a big hit, and Lorenzo thinks that’ll continue into winter — and beyond. They’re an ideal way to play around with a new style or add a hint of interest to a bare spot on your arm. For something on-trend, try an outline of a tiny heart, star, or bird.


Blue Ink

According to Gatsko, winter is the perfect time to get yourself some blue ink, too, especially with a seasonally-themed design.

That said, blue ink tats are becoming more popular overall. The shade makes for a unique pop of color, whether you’re getting a snowflake, a bunch of blue florals, or a beautiful indigo butterfly.


Cutesy Designs

Lorenzo says her clientele are increasingly asking for tattoos with a cutesy vibe. Think cartoons, sweet seashells, or adorable animals like rabbits, frogs, or cats. These twee designs are beloved by celebs like Ariana Grande, who has a tat of Eevee the Pokémon.


Less Is More

In general, the tattoo world is moving away from busy patchwork sleeves and large pieces of art. Ignorant artwork had its moment, and now Lorenzo predicts we’ll lean towards a “less is more” approach.

While it’s always fun to collect more designs — and an eclectic collection of styles will always be in — it’s time to let one or two signature tattoos shine. If you’re currently a blank slate, work with your artist to create one perfect tat that speaks to you.


Anastasiia Gatsko, tattoo artist, owner of G Tattoo & Piercing

Lorena Lorenzo, tattoo artist, owner of Indigo ArTattoos

Cassie May, tattoo artist, owner of The Cassie May Studio