Eugene Levy Hints At A Schitt’s Creek Revival When “The Right Idea Presents Itself”

“We’d love to ... take the show and the characters to yet another level.”

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Oh, Schitt! More of the beloved comedy Schitt’s Creek could be on the way, if Eugene and Dan Levy have their way. Levy hinted to the Radio Times about a revival, which both him and his son are open to. “I know my son Daniel has said this, we’d love to get together with these people again and take the show and the characters to yet another level,” said Levy, who is currently starring in The Reluctant Traveler. “There’s nothing in the works right now to be honest, but you know, we’ve never stopped thinking about what might happen down the line. We’re certainly open to anything, I think when the idea that is the right idea presents itself we’ll probably act on it, I guess.”

Despite strong interest in a Schitt’s Creek reboot, Eugene acknowledged that Dan and his daughter Sarah, who appeared as Twyla in the Emmy-winning series, have their own projects to work on right now. “Daniel is doing quite well on his own right now,” he told Radio Times. “He doesn’t need the old man on his back you know, that kind of baggage he doesn’t need. Sarah’s got her show, Surreal Estate, that she’s just finished the second season on so it’s good to see them out of the nest and soaring, doing what they’re doing so well. They don’t need dad.”

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Schitt’s Creek premiered on CBC Television in 2015. The father-son team led the cast along with Catherine O’Hara and Annie Murphy, completing the Rose family. The show follows the wealthy Roses after they lose everything — except for Schitt’s Creek, a small town daddy Rose jokingly bought for his son’s birthday in the past. The show received a significant jump in popularity after it began streaming on Netflix in 2017, expanding its audience exponentially. Throughout its tenure, the show won nine Emmys, including Outstanding Comedy Series, and swept all the acting categories in its final season.

Eugene Levy, Annie Murphy, Daniel Levy and Catherine O’Hara in 2019.Amanda Edwards/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Eugene previously opened up about doing a Schitt’s Creek movie — on the condition that the premise for the movie is “a really good idea.” “I would love to work with these beautiful people again. This has been the most incredible experience.”

Dan revealed he was on board for a movie as well. Following the Emmys sweep, he noted that though Schitt’s Creek ended on the best note, he’s game for a film someday. “If there is an idea that pops into my head it has to be really freaking good because this is a nice way to say goodbye. Fingers crossed we get a nice idea popping into our head soon,” he said via Variety. “I would love to work with these people again.”