The Best Memes & Tweets About Adele’s Oprah Interview & One Night Only TV Concert

Adele didn’t go easy on fans’ emotions during the televised event, and Twitter reacted in droves.

With 'Adele: One Night Only,' the "Easy on Me" singer kicked off her '30' era with flair — and Twitt...
Cliff Lipson/CBS

From Red (Taylor’s Version) to Adele’s highly anticipated 30, ’tis the season for emotional ballads from your favorite singer-songwriters. Fans of the “Easy on Me” singer got a special, early treat ahead of 30’s Nov. 19 release: a televised concert featuring new music and an interview between Oprah and Adele that tackled her divorce, weight loss, and motherhood. There was even time for a surprise proposal. On Twitter, Adele described the One Night Only performance location, Griffith Observatory, as “the most beautiful venue [she’d] ever played.”

“I’ve seen it twice and cried my eyes out both times,” she wrote just before the TV special aired. “Having been on such a rollercoaster the last few years and then the pandemic, it was hard to imagine being on stage singing again ever. So the fact that I got to and also got to sing my new songs, has me feeling a million things at once!” Adele also noted that it was the first time her son, Angelo, had ever seen her perform — which, aww.

From its announcement, the rollout of 30 has been celebrated (and meme-ified) on social media — remember, Adele’s first-ever Instagram live brought us the endlessly quotable “divorce, babe, divorce.” So it was only fitting that fans honor the artist’s big interview and concert with hilarious, heartfelt, real-time reactions. Here are the best memes and tweets from Adele: One Night Only.

The Music

Adele’s set list included a mix of old favorites like “Hello,” as well as a glimpse at her new material from 30 — and, of course, Twitter loved it.

The Star-Studded Audience

Many viewers had fun pointing out the familiar faces in the audience: Lizzo, Drake, Seth Rogen, Melissa McCarthy, Selena Gomez, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and more. Twitter user ThatsSoNiah even solved a viral mystery, realizing Adele’s concert is where Lizzo and Sarah Paulson joined together for their iconic “The killer is escaping!” TikTok.

The Interview With Oprah