All The Drama To Remember From Selling Sunset Season 4

The Christine-versus-everyone-else drama hits a fever pitch.

Christine Quinn has her baby in 'Selling Sunset' Season 4.

Get ready for more Louboutins, interoffice drama, and lavish Los Angeles mansions in Selling Sunset Season 5. It’s only been five months since we’ve last seen the women of The Oppenheim Group, but in between life and Netflix’s glut of other reality TV shows, you might have forgotten what drama went down last season. Not only did Season 4 feature looks at expensive homes for Marvel actor Simu Liu, French Montana’s brother, and DJ Alesso, but it also introduced two new agents while teasing the future departure of one controversial cast member. Here’s a refresher on everything that went down in Selling Sunset Season 4.

Newcomers Vanessa and Emma Join The O Group

The season opens with a new Oppenheim Group hire named Vanessa Villela. Like Chrishell Stause, Vanessa is a former soap opera star, and she’s been doing real estate for a year to honor her deceased sister, who was also a realtor. Unsurprisingly, Vanessa immediately gets thrown into the Christine Quinn-versus-everyone-else standoff. Christine tells her Chrishell is not as nice as she seems, and that she doesn’t trust Mary Fitzgerald because she’s friends with Emma Hernan, who was allegedly dating Christine’s boyfriend at the same time. The rest of the women say they won’t tell Vanessa how to feel, but she should know Christine is a snake. Vanessa does her best to try to mediate between everyone, but as the newest hire she’s basically told to butt out of it.

In the meantime, the early Emma name-drop means that, surprise, Emma is also brought on as another new agent. Emma apparently used to be an agent for the Oppenheim brothers, but she left to do things like start a vegan empanada business and various other ventures. (She’s very busy, she insists throughout the season, and even shows up via private jet at one point.) But with Christine about to be on maternity leave, Jason Oppenheim asks Emma if she’ll return to replace her. Cue up the drama that’s the focal point of the entire season!


Christine Has Her Baby

After a little bit of baby shower drama — Vanessa was invited but Mary was not — Christine has her baby. Her co-workers only learn about it via Instagram, and all but ignore her even when she brings the baby to the office. (Later, in retaliation for the lack of a baby shower invite, Mary doesn’t invite Christine to her dogs’ birthday party. Christine crashes it anyway.)

The Emma-Christine Fight

The reason that Emma dislikes Christine is this: One day she was out with her boyfriend when Christine appeared and started yelling at them. Emma says she tried to pull away, but Christine blocked her car in and began screaming at her while banging on her windows, saying she was dating Christine’s boyfriend. Christine tells the same version of the story to Vanessa later, but claims she just “talked” to Emma rather than yelled at her. Mary says the whole thing makes no sense, as there was no overlap between the relationships.

They go back and forth across the season, with everyone else in office becoming increasingly suspicious that Christine is just outright lying about everything. Christine insinuates the ring the man proposed to Emma with used to be hers, while Mary and Emma insist it was purchased only for Emma. Emma claims she’s been getting threatening DMs from Christine, who denies it.

Patrick Wymore/Netflix

Davina Returns

In the meantime, Davina Potratz is back, despite Season 3 making a big deal about Davina leaving the brokerage in 2020 after being unable to sell the $75 million house. No one is particularly happy about it — especially not Chrishell, given their confrontation at Christine’s wedding.

Mary Confronts Christine

Christine insisting that her old boyfriend was going to propose to her before Emma really puts on her on the outs with everyone. Vanessa tries to get Christine to meet with a “mindset coach” so she can learn how to get along with everyone, but that seems to go nowhere.

Later, Heather Rae Young tries to have one big intervention with Christine, but that backfires when Christine refuses to talk to them all as a group. So Mary talks to her solo, saying she wants the “old Christine” back. Christine tries to prove she really was engaged once, while Mary says she just needs to apologize and not lie anymore. “I don’t want to talk about these things,” Christine says in response.

So Mary finally gives up and leaves. For the first time, it looks like Christine is left without any allies in the company — leaving it up in the air whether Christine finally walks away from the Oppenheim Group once and for all in Season 5.