Your Guide To All The Men Still Left On Katie’s Bachelorette Season

And everyone who’s gone home.

by Kadin Burnett
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Katie's contestants on 'The Bachelorette'
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Throughout her Bachelorette season, Katie Thurston has mitigated abrupt exits and shocking eliminations, proving she isn’t afraid to send men home at a moment’s notice. As numbers dwindle and connections deepen, you may need some help keeping track of which contestants are still in the running and who’s been sent packing. Read on for a breakdown, which will be updated each week to reflect the season’s standings.

Who Won The Bachelorette?


Blake’s third — or second-and-a-half — attempt at wooing a Bachelorette was finally a success. After competing on Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams’ joint season of The Bachelorette, the Canadian wildlife manager arrived in Week 4 to throw his hat in the ring for Katie’s rose. The two had a little bit of history, having DMd briefly on Instagram, but Blake clearly seemed smitten with Katie, even if everyone else wasn’t that thrilled about him being there. In the end, it was Blake’s persistence and carefree charm that ultimately won over Katie, culminating in the two professing their love for each other near the end of the season. Their happily ever after wasn’t without some turbulence, given that Blake’s first meeting with Katie’s mom and aunt was nothing short of a trainwreck. Nevertheless, love prevailed and the duo announced their continued engagement on After The Final Rose.

Who Went Home On The Bachelorette?


Eliminated: Week 10

Most of Justin’s screen time in the first part of the season was comprised of his incredulous facial reactions. As the show progressed, however, Justin appeared to form a bond with Katie, making it all the way to the top two. Unfortunately, Justin’s connection with Katie never quite reached where it needed to be. After being eliminated, Justin expressed that he felt like he only made it that far because other men chose to self-eliminate. Katie assured him there were real feelings there, but said that in the end her heart belonged to Blake.


Eliminated: Week 9

Fans immediately fell in love with Greg’s disarming smile and sheepish energy. His chemistry with Katie was unmistakable, and the two clearly shared an emotional connection too. So when he decided to go home after his hometown date, it came as a shock.

Prior to his date, Greg had expressed his insecurities about Katie’s other relationships. Though he initially powered through, things reached an emotional climax after he introduced Katie to his family and informed them that she was “the one.” While reflecting on the day, he discussed how his dad’s death affected him, revealing that he was in love with Katie and that he hadn’t been so happy in a long time. Katie responded, “I like looking at you.

Their date began to unravel, leading to a poorly lit conversation where the two exchanged feelings of confusion. Katie didn’t understand why Greg was so upset given the parameters of the show, and Greg didn’t understand why he wasn’t getting more validation from Katie about her feelings for him. The next day, Greg met with Katie in her room to continue the conversation, but their back-and-forth only begat more arguing and miscommunication, with Greg explaining he felt Katie had “dismissed” his emotional breakthrough. Though Katie tried to work through the issue, Greg had made up his mind, deciding that he’d reached his breaking point and was ready to leave. Katie then locked herself in the bathroom and asked co-host Kaitlyn Bristowe to book her a plane ticket home. The closing credits rolled over footage of Katie and Greg’s relationship, adding a solemn bookend to their romance.



Eliminated: Week 8

Everyone’s favorite single dad thoroughly enveloped the hearts of viewers with his vulnerability and honesty. Throughout the season, Michael never shied away from difficult discussions about love, even moving fellow contestants to tears when speaking about his late wife. But ultimately, his responsibilities as a father led to his departure. During an emotional FaceTime call, his son, James, said, “Maybe Daddy don’t want to see me,” prompting Michael to rethink his time on the show and culminating in a sit-down with Katie. It was during that conversation that Michael expressed his conflicting feelings and decided to self-eliminate in order to return home. The tearful conversation was one of the more moving and heart-wrenching moment’s on the season.

Andrew S

Eliminated: Week 7

Despite leaning a bit too heavily on a fake British accent schtick during his limo entrance, Andrew became both a fan favorite and a solid contender for Katie’s heart. He treated her to Taco Bell, engaged in poignant conversations about interracial dating, and always wanted to let Katie make her own calls about the other men instead of prying for drama. So when Katie eliminated Andrew at the end of Episode 7, it came as a shock. The next day, Andrew came to Katie’s hotel room to give her a proper goodbye. He left her a note that read “If you change your mind, I’ll be waiting,” which prompted Katie to sprint down a hallway and a flight of stairs after him. She leapt into his arms and the two shared a tearful embrace during which Katie asked if he wanted to stay a little longer. After a moment, Andrew declined, feeling as though they both got the closure they needed. Now, fans have begun campaigning for him to become the next Bachelor.

Mike P

Eliminated: Week 7

Props to Mike for moving beyond being the season’s token virgin and transforming into a multidimensional suitor for Katie. His best moment came during the Episode 2 group date, where he deftly and honestly revealed his ideas and apprehensions about physical intimacy, impressing Katie in the process. Mike even acted as the group’s collective voice that led to the the elimination of Karl. However, when Mike finally got his one-on-one date with Katie, things turned a little awkward. An afternoon of intimate, guided cuddling illuminated the two’s lack of chemistry, and Katie sent him home before the dinner portion of their date.

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Eliminated: Week 7

Brendan was the house’s only Canadian until Blake Moynes arrived, though he still had the distinction of being the only firefighter trainee in the cast. To many fans’ surprise, Brendan made it to the top eight despite never having formed any meaningful relationship with Katie. But to his credit, he saw the writing on the wall and sought out Katie to ask why he was still there. Acknowledging that they didn’t have a strong enough connection for her to feel ready to meet his family during the upcoming hometowns, she sent him home.

Connor B

Eliminated: Week 6

Who could forget Connor B, the middle school teacher who was first seen playing a ukulele in a bathtub before exiting the limo in a cat costume? He ended night one with a makeup-smearing makeout session with Katie and solidified himself as an early frontrunner. However, the two lost steam over the course of the season. A double date with Kaitlyn Bristowe and her fiancé Jason Tartick illuminated to Katie that she and Connor B. just didn’t have a spark, resulting in a tearful goodbye between the two. Connor did get a comforting smooch from Michael A on his way out, so it’s not a total loss.


Eliminated: Week 6

Initially, Hunter appeared to be a sensitive, passionate, single father or two. Though he and Katie didn’t spend much time together, he established his concern for her emotional well-being, grilling Thomas about his intentions and getting him to admit he’d thought about potentially becoming the next Bachelor. However, Hunter spent Weeks 4 and 5 turning into a villain and giving conflicting statements about how deeply he felt for Katie, which was enough reason for her to send him home.


Eliminated: Week 6

A strapping San Diego native who, despite getting into one of the quickest feuds in franchise history, managed to become a support system for Katie. However, it appeared that Aaron was involved in drama too often for Katie’s liking. He always seemed more interested in house conflict than his connection with Katie, and for that he was ultimately sent home.


Eliminated: Week 6

Tre took the time to make sure Katie was aware of the other mens’ intentions, asserting himself as the first man to directly address Thomas about his questionable reasoning for signing up for the show. The move earned Tre a group date rose and a certain amount of trust from Katie; she was also someone who addressed drama on behalf of the lead during her Bachelor season. But ultimately, he proved to be more of a confidant than a romantic companion, leading Katie to eliminate him.


Eliminated: Week 6

Though he assumedly has plenty of other qualities to offer, James never quite shook the reputation of being the guy who showed up in a box on night one.


Eliminated: Week 5

Josh didn’t have much luck in terms of romance. He never managed to share a significant moment with Katie, resulting in his being sent home.

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Eliminated: Week 5

Quartney’s defining characteristic initially appeared to be having a peculiarly spelled name, but over the course of five weeks, he managed to demonstrate a natural presence on group dates and show off his personality. Unfortunately, his connection with Katie never materialized.

Andrew M

Eliminated: Week 5

A district attorney from Newport Beach, Califorina, Andrew M. never had much airtime nor did he make any noticeable connection with Katie.


Eliminated: Week 3

Kyle didn’t make much of an impression on Katie during his short stint on her season, which culminated in his early elimination.


Eliminated: Week 3

John’s elimination came as a bit of a shock to fans. Though he had all the makings of a frontrunner, his time on the show was confusingly short.


Eliminated: Week 4

Despite coming out of the limo on night one with a genie’s lamp and making a “rub one out” joke, Christian wasn’t able to make much of a mark on the season.


Eliminated: Week 4

Zero screen time and zero connection with Katie led to David’s departure.


Eliminated: Week 4

Thomas has the unfortunate distinction of having one of the most jaw-dropping eliminations in Bachelorette history. Despite being one of Katie’s early favorites, he put a target on his back by revealing that he came on the show to grow his platform, in addition to having his eye on potentially becoming the next Bachelor. After the men warned Katie about Thomas’ duplicity, he did his best to quell her apprehensions. At the rose ceremony, Katie called Thomas to the podium, putting everyone under the impression that he would indeed be getting the final rose of the night. However, Katie then informed Thomas that his “Bachelor audition ends tonight,” unceremoniously sending him home.

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Conor C

Eliminated: Week 4

Conor C. was ultimately upstaged by Connor B., who established himself as the superior namesake by snagging a kiss on night one.


Eliminated: Week 3

Karl managed to take on the mantel of villain during his short time on the show, informing Katie that some of the men were there for the wrong reasons without giving any evidence about who he was alluding to. In the end, all the men in the house turned on Karl, calling him out during a rose ceremony and getting him sent home.


Eliminated: Week 2

Cody’s elimination was the first real shock of the season — not because people expected Katie to keep him, but because she sent him home in the wake of some of the most flippant drama in the show’s history. In short, Cody was the first casualty of the season whose downfall was the result of not being there for “the right reasons.” At least, according to Aaron’s side of the story.


Eliminated: Week 1

Austin’s time on the show was mostly uneventful, not proving effective enough to catch Katie’s eye.


Eliminated: Week 1

Brandon and Katie didn’t spend much time together before he was eliminated, but his delightfully mid 2000s hair will be remembered.

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Eliminated: Week 1

Gabriel introduced himself by slowly and methodically shared a breathy hug with Katie. Unfortunately, that was just about their only physical contact this season.


Eliminated: Week 3

Despite being able to stick around for a couple of weeks, Garrett was ultimately unsuccessful in trying to create an early relationship with Katie.


Eliminated: Week 1

Jeff was the guy who showed up on night one in an RV, which isn’t necessarily a negative, but the inside didn’t exactly exude charm. It was pretty clear that Katie wasn’t into it — New Mexico is only big enough for one famous RV.


Eliminated: Week 1

Landon and Katie weren’t able to to form much of a relationship during his short time on the show.


Eliminated: Week 1

Marcus and Katie spent little to no airtime together, resulting in his early elimination.


Eliminated: Week 1

Another night one elimination, Marty just wasn’t able to make enough of an impression on Katie.

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