Bebe Is Closing Its Stores To Focus On E-Commerce

Another one bites the dust. Over the past few years, the immense popularity of online shopping has caused a lot of brick-and-mortar retailers to either adapt or close their mall locations (think American Apparel and J.C. Penny). Up next? Bebe. This year, Bebe will close all of its mall stores and focus on building up its e-commerce presence. Unlike American Apparel and Wet Seal, who both had to file bankruptcy due to large scale debt and low sales, Bebe doesn't doesn't have plans to file bankrup…

By Melanie Richtman

Bustle's Editors On London + The ERA

What a day it's been. The attacks in London (lots more on that below) were a tragic start to the morning, and as more information comes out about what happened, we'll all be keeping the victims and their families in our thoughts. For more on what went on in London, as well as other, thankfully less tragic, news and events from Mar. 22, read on. The London Attack + What Happened In tragic news out of London Wednesday morning, multiple people were injured (including a police officer) and one died…

By Rachel Simon

Ban.Do x Private Party Made The Swimsuits Of The Summer

Spring is officially here, and whether you're gearing up for Spring Break or just dreaming of summer, it's time to prep your warmer weather wardrobe. The Ban.Do x Private Party swimsuit collection is the only swimwear you'll need for any occasion that involves the beach or a pool. While high waisted bikinis are definitely having their moment, the one pieces from Ban.Do x Private Party are definitely going to be the suits of the summer. The vibrantly colored, high cut thigh details give retro Bay…

By Shea Simmons

17 White Graduation Dresses That Are Anything But Boring

It may only be March, but now that spring has officially arrived, graduation season is quickly approaching! Between reminiscing about all the memories you made with your now lifelong friends and that soon-to-be unforgettable moment of walking across the stage for your degree, graduation brings up a level of emotion like no other event. A memorable day requires a memorable dress, and one that's perfect for the spring season. Though I'm not quite sure what dubbed white dresses the ultimate trend f…

By Dale Arden Chong

Bustle's Editors On *That* Chicken & The Electronics Ban

Happy Tuesday! I can totally tell that you're already kicking this week's butt. And if not? Well, it's *basically* the middle of the week already (well, almost), so you've only got a few more days to go. Hang in there! Here's what Bustle's editors were talking about today, March 21. The U.S. + Another Ban The United States has banned electronics larger than cellphones from being carried onto flights from specific countries. The ban, which will be implemented over the next 96 hours, affects 10 ai…

By Melissa Mills

Katy Perry Just Teased Her New Shoe Designs

There's no doubt about it: Katy Perry's shoe collection is one of a kind. When the line launched in February 2017, we didn't think it could get more unique, but leave it to Perry to top herself. She teased seven new shoes on her Instagram story, and they promise to fit right in alongside a collection that's designed to stand out. It was announced in August 2016 that the singer partnered with Global Brands Group to create the 40-piece shoe collection. Since it took six months to actually shop it,…

By Alexa Tucker

20 Cheap Swimsuits on Amazon That You'll Love

By Lisa Fogarty

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9 Multi-Functional Jewelry Pieces That Will Amaze You

Our jewelry is basically our armor. It can update an outfit, make a statement (like, "Hey, world! I'm engaged!") and give us all a little bit of bling-induced confidence when we need it most. But as amazing as jewelry can be on its own, some pieces go way above and beyond with two-for-one functions that will blow your mind. Enter: Multi-furpose jewelry. Sure, a necklace is great and pretty and whatever… but a necklace that doubles as a vibrator? Or as a full-blown weapon? Now, we’re talking. Th…

By Zoe Weiner

Don't Miss Reformation's Sample Sale

Run, don't walk, people. Another Reformation sample sale is really, truly happening, and soon. The sample sale will be in New York City at 39 Bond Street, and it'll take place from Thursday, March 23 through Sunday, March 26. The doors will be open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., so you'll have plenty of time to snag some crazy discounts on your favorite Reformation styles. Pieces will be up to 80 percent off (!!!), so yeah — take my money. (For the record, they'll take cash or credit.) A word to the wi…

By Alexa Tucker

The Vans X Urban Outfitters Off The Wall Collection Is Light & Bright

There's only one thing better than a two-brand collaboration, and that's when a third party joins in on the fun. Urban Outfitters and Vans have united sartorial forces to design a spring clothing collection, with Sasha Lane as the face, that you have to see. Between the shoes, clothing, and face of the line, all of your style bases are covered. The Vans x Urban Outfitters Off The Wall Collection has tons of prints and color options that are all cool-girl approved. Forget everything that you know…

By Kali Borovic