4 Full Moon April 2022 Manifestations

It’s the last lunation before eclipse season — take advantage.

A man lips a woman up in front of the full moon. Here are 4 full moon April 2022 Manifestations.
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In astrology, full moons signify a time of emotional intensity and cosmic chaos. La luna’s high beams shine their light on our repressed thoughts and desires. While it’s a great opportunity to face your feelings, full moons are also an ideal time for manifesting your most ambitious goals. That’s especially the case for the April 2022 full moon, which peaks on April 16 in Libra. Not only is it the first full moon of the new astrological year, but it’s also the last lunation before the first solar eclipse of 2022, so it’s a good idea to get all of your manifesting done before the chaos of eclipse season. And since the luminary is moving into the diplomatic, partnership-oriented sign of Libra, you’d benefit from getting a few April full moon manifestation ideas from experts, especially if you want to strengthen your relationships.

Manifesting is a practice that’s said to help you make your dreams come true, literally. Different techniques, like journaling or spellwork, allow you to attract what you want by thinking as if you’re currently living the lifestyle you want. Since full moons expose our deep-seated needs, using the luminary to manifest can be highly effective. The April 2022 full moon happens to be in the socialite air sign Libra, whose energy is centered around relationships, peace, and knowledge. Plus, there’s the lingering magic of the once-in-a-lifetime Neptune and Jupiter conjunction in Pisces still in the air. Needless to say, if ever there was an ideal time to manifest an ideal relationship, restore harmony in your life, or seek a deeper truth, the April 2022 full moon would be it.

“Manifesting during the full moon adds an extra layer of emotional power to any spellwork or personal exploration we do,” Lauren Ash, an astrologer, tells Bustle. “This is a time where we find it easier to connect with our rawness and vulnerability.”

Ready to attract balance and deepen your relationship bonds? Keep reading for April full moon manifestation ideas to reach your full potential.

April Full Moon Manifestation Ideas

In order to properly manifest the things you want, you have to sacrifice some of your bad habits. The April 2022 full moon is accompanied by a tense square aspect between the moon and enigmatic Pluto, which rules endings and transformations. According to astrologer Ryan Marquardt, this lunation is about breaking relationship cycles. “With Pluto creating such a close square to the sun and moon, you’re being asked to finally let go of these underlying relationship patterns,” he says.

“It’s crucial to address your darkest feelings, habits, and beliefs to clear the way for new beginnings,” adds Ash. Releasing what no longer serves you will open you up to better opportunities.

Before you begin any manifestation practice, it’s a good idea to set intentions and define what you want. What are your motives for attracting that new job or partner? “If you’re trying to manifest a relationship, for example, this might be a great time to bring one in who balances you out in all the right ways,” explains Marquardt. But because of the Pisces stellium this month, it’s a good idea to squash delusions. “Just to be safe, you’ll also want to be honest with yourself about the blocks and limits that are preventing you from obtaining your desires.”

1. Candlelit Journaling

Libra’s Venus-ruled vibe is posh and romantic, which is totally on par with a candlelit journaling session — but candle magic is also a great way to attract your desires. Start by making your space cozy and clear of any distractions. To align with Libra’s energy, focus on what areas of your life want to bring balance to.

“Grab your favorite journal and a white or silver candle and play your favorite calming music. Turn down the lights so you can focus on connecting with your inner dialogue,” explains Ash. “Allow yourself to become a channel for your inner voice and let whatever is on your mind come through.”

Think about what you want to invite more of into your life while you journal and remember to speak about them as if they’re already happening.

2. Write Love Letters To Yourself

What better way to practice self-love than with a love letter? The April full moon is a perfect opportunity to manifest your dreams through self-compassion, especially since Libra’s planetary ruler, Venus, represents love in all of its forms.

Since Libras are all about relationships, Marquardt suggests writing from the perspective of your ideal partner. In a journal and with your favorite pen, jot down the qualities you admire most about yourself and how you deserve the things you want to manifest. “Tell yourself the things you wish someone else would tell you. That can greatly help manifest the relationships you want to have in your life,” Marquardt says.

3. Create A Vision Board

Visualization is the cornerstone of manifestation. “Our words hold power and oftentimes using our own imagination is the first step toward creating our future,” says Ash. “This can either be done by creating a physical vision board or by simply using visualization techniques during a meditative session.”

Ash recommends Pinterest to bring your goals to life by creating aesthetic mood boards, but you can also go old school with a poster or corkboard, using cutouts from magazines and newspapers to create a collage.

4. Fire Cleanse & Release

Fire-sign Aries season is still in full swing, so it’s there’s no better time to (safely) play with fire than during the April 2022 full moon. “Part of manifesting means letting go of our limiting beliefs and stresses,” Ash says — literally, let them burn.

“Grab a fireproof bowl, matches, a piece of paper, a pen, and any crystals, candles, or incense you might want to use,” explains Ash. “Write down all of the things that make you feel stuck or you feel are holding you back.” You can also write down the things you want to manifest, too — letting it go and leaving the rest up to the universe. “Once you’ve done that, light your written intention on fire and put it in your burn vessel,” explains Ash.

Whether you’re using the law of attraction to bolster your small business or realize your dream partner, using the magic of the full moon is a great way to supercharge your goals. To properly do that, you’ll have to let go of what is keeping you from actualizing them. “Ask [the universe] for some of your blocks to be released, because when you do that you’re clearing space and making room for your starry-eyed wishes to manifest,” says Marquardt.