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Why the "siren" trend proves that mermaidcore is here to stay, what every zodiac sign can expect from Capricorn season, and more.

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A Review Of TikTok’s Viral Pheromone Oil

While it’s been well-documented that animals are releasing all kinds of communicative scents (see: dogs sniffing each other’s butts), the existence of human pheromones and whether they work is still up for debate. “Who do I trust more, scientists or people on TikTok?” writes Rachel Khona, “Could this oil turn me into a man-attracting magnet? Most importantly, would my boyfriend be overcome with wild desire every time he sees me? Time to find out.” Read More

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TikTok's Siren Makeup Obsession Proves Mermaidcore Is Here To Stay

In the world of beauty, the word “mermaid” has most often been associated with long, tousled, wavy hair — think Khloé Kardashian or Vanessa Hudgens. But Big Siren Energy has amplified beyond hair, making its way into the world of makeup, skin, and even manicures. Read More

How Capricorn Season Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

When an ambitious Capricorn has their heart set on something, they put in the work to get it — which might explain the motivation we feel during this earth sign’s time to shine. Because Capricorn season always kicks off the winter solstice, it’s a beautiful moment to reflect and plant seeds. Read More


Lizzo’s Best Bikini Looks Come In Every Shade Under The Sun

If the winter solstice has you itching to book a trip to warmer climates, then use Lizzo’s rainbow array of bikinis as your vacation moodboard. Whether it’s a photo dump of vacation pics or a hint at Yitty launches on the horizon, she always serves in a swimsuit. Read More

The $11 Lipstick Camila Cabello Wears Every Single Day

In Beauty Detail, we dive into the beauty bags of our favorite talents for intel on the rituals that keep them glowing and the MVPs (most valuable products) they can't live without. Here, Camila Cabello tells Bustle how she uses her voice for change and the beauty essentials that are her must-haves. Read More

10 Cute Holiday Date Ideas To Try With Your Boo

“With the cheer in the air, you can find many things to do to enjoy the holiday season with someone you just started crushing on or someone you’ve been dating for a while,” says professional matchmaker and dating coach Anika Walker. Whatever you and your S.O. choose, now happens to be an extra merry time for you to create memories together. Read More


Here’s Your Daily Horoscope

Eyes on the prize. Read More

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