Bustle Newsletter: August 16, 2022

On vabbing at the gym, trendy fall hair cuts, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge

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Wait, Vabbing At The Gym Is What Exactly?

By now, you’ve probably come across the term on TikTok, and truly, it’s a portmanteau for the ages. A combination of “vagina” and “dabbing,” “vabbing” refers to the act of wearing a few dabs of vaginal fluid as perfume, the idea being that your pheromones will waft about and then bam — you’re smack in the middle of your own meet-cute. Does this seem a little far-fetched, even for TikTok? Yes, but also it apparently worked for this girl, and that’s why we’re all here now. Read More

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Disco-Era Layers & 8 Other Haircuts That’ll Be Everywhere This Fall

If the harsh summer sun did a number on your strands, you could opt for a trendy bob. Or if low-maintenance and air-drying ability are your No. 1 priority, stick with a ’70s-inspired butterfly shag or a wolf cut. Read More

The 4 Most Forgiving Zodiac Signs

If at all possible, you want to avoid getting on a Taurus’ bad side. But these four signs are typically happy to forgive and forget — whether out of their own desire not to dwell on the past, or their seemingly unending wells of empathy. Read More

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If You Hate Carrying Your Stuff While You Run, You Need This Sports Bra With Pockets

Pockets in leggings and workout shorts are nice and all, but sometimes there’s just not enough space to fit everything you need, especially if you’re running long distances and need to carry some fuel, too, so this sports bra provides yet another way to store stuff. Alternatively, it could replace the need for your cross-body bag while you’re out running errands? Read More

Jiu Jitsu Champ Kim Blake Is Pushing For More Women In The Sport

Blake had always loved martial arts, but her parents discouraged her from pursuing it because “girls don’t do that.” So at 42, she started taking karate classes. Now at 60, she’s won two world master championship titles in Brazilian jiu jitsu and more than 30 grand championship titles in sport karate. So next time you think you’re “too old” to try something — traveling solo, trendy TikTok dances, selling feet pics online, whatever — remember you are never too old to learn how to fully kick *ss. Read More

Hailey Bieber Can’t Stop Styling Outfits With Slouchy White Socks

And I for one could not be more supportive of this endeavor, because I am staunchly anti tiny sock. Let it all hang out baby! Welcome to the tiny sock resistance, Hailey; we’re happy to have you. Read More


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