These Are The 3 Most Stubborn Zodiac Signs
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While everyone can be stubborn at times, there are three classically stubborn zodiac signs that are particularly well-known for this trait. And, as it goes with astrology, this is all thanks to the characteristics associated with each sign. These folks tend to be steadfast, strong, passionate, and particularly skilled when it comes to making (and sticking with) decisions — all of which is a beautiful thing.

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Stubbornness is one of those traits that can be positive, in some instances, like when it comes to making decisions. There are a few signs that, once they've made up their minds, will stick to their guns no matter what. But stubbornness can also get some people into trouble. The sign that might stick to their decision to go after a new job, for example, may be the same sign that stays in an unhealthy relationship, simply because they made a commitment.

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This is far more likely to happen with fixed signs. "Astrological signs can be separated into three 'qualities' or 'quadruplicities': cardinal, fixed, and mutable," professional astrologer Rachel Lang, tells Bustle. "Fixed signs, which include Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, can be more stubborn than other signs because they’re tenacious and determined to stay committed to ideas, projects, or people, once they’ve said 'yes.'"

That's why it's always important for these signs to take a step back, analyze whether or not their decision is serving them, and make changes when necessary. Here are the three most stubborn signs, as well as what they can do find more balance, according to astrologers.


Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

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Since the symbol for Taurus is the bull — one of the most stubborn, steadfast animals — it makes sense why they're often one of the more stubborn signs. "Taurus is persistent and determined," Lang says. "They often need to come to decisions on their own; not be pushed by others. They proceed with decisions cautiously, often making sure everything is going to be stable/secure before they make a commitment."

And all of that is great, when used in a positive way. It's only if Taurus' stubborn nature begins holding them back that they may want to make a change. As Lang says, "This tendency can be a blessing, a true gift of the Taurus personalty, because they will not give up on a relationship or job when times are tough. However, Taurus would benefit from learning to let go when something isn’t working in their life."

To do so, they can practice tuning "into their body’s guidance system — their gut intuition — to pick up on clues that it’s time to give in or let go," Lang says. "Tension in the neck or a tight throat can be such indicators for Taurus," so be on the lookout for these issues.

There are ways to find balance, though, if Taurus is feeling stuck. "In the case of a disagreements, stubbornness can close down the communication channels," Lang says. "In those instances, as well as others, Taurus would benefit from seeing things through a different perspective rather than remaining set."


Leo (July 23 - August 22)

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Leo is a highly passionate sign, and one that likes to stick to their decisions. But they're also a fixed sign, which can make them seem very stubborn when it comes to making changes in life — even if those changes are positive ones.

"They could drag their feet in making a move, leaving an unhealthy relationship, or even changing up a routine," Lang says. "For this reason, Leo can make a committed partner. However, their stubborn tendencies can keep them feeling stuck from time to time."

It is possible, however, for Leo to make adopt a more balanced outlook, if their stubbornness is holding them back. "The key to balancing out their stubbornness is actually to consciously try new things, experiment with different creative outlets, and break free from routines," Lang says.

In doing so, Leo will open themselves up to so many more opportunities, and "the freer they feel to express themselves and have fun, the less stubborn they will be."

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

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As a fixed sign, when a Scorpio makes up their mind, they tend to stick to it. "They can feel very dedicated to their thoughts, opinions, and ideas," Lang says. "This is great when Scorpio is committed to achieving a goal. They are determined." And nothing can stand in their way.

"However, when Scorpio is in an unhealthy situation, like a dysfunctional relationship or an unsatisfying job, their stubbornness might keep them stuck in a compromised situation," Lang says, which is why it's important for Scorpio to realize when it's time to back down.

To do so, it's often helpful for them to do some soul searching, possibly with a friend, partner, or therapist. "For Scorpio to achieve balance, they need to get to the bottom of things, through therapy or any technique that helps them understand the reasons why they’re so stubborn," Lang says.

Usually, they find their stubbornness stems from a desire for control and a fear of change, Lang says. But once they understand that motivation, they can easily let go of it and flow with life.

As Lang says, "Often those reasons are buried in the subconscious mind. Letting go of the past is important for Scorpio." Which, of course, is something any zodiac sign can do, if they feel like they're stuck in life.

Anyone can have a bit of a stubborn streak at times. But by being aware of it, it can become possible to let go, be more open-minded, and move in a positive direction.

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