Bustle Newsletter: February 18, 2022

On the one coat every wardrobe needs, do's and don'ts for Pisces season, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
A woman wearing a trench coat
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So, How Hot Should My Dating App Pics Be?

Should you fill up your profile with pictures of yourself dressed to the nines, cat eye on point, sipping drinks with an umbrella in them? Or photos where you actually, ya know, look like yourself — the way you’d look for dinner with your mom? “This is very much a case of You Do You,” writes Bustle’s sex columnist Sophia Benoit. “But, if you’re imagining what people are going to say about a situation, nine times out of 10, you’re in dialogue with your self-doubt.” It’s not your job to manage other people’s expectations about meeting you or to present your worst self and then glom onto the first person who accepts it. Dating apps are, after all, superficial. You’re allowed to play the game. Read More

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Here’s Your Horoscope For Pisces Season

Have a box of tissues handy, because emotional catharsis is on its way. Pisces season kicks off today, and the sensitive water sign is making sure you feel all the feels, so it’s a good time as any to trade in residual aloofness left by Aquarius season. Over the next month, schedule some quality time with friends to really go deep, and keep yourself grounded with meditations and long walks. Read More

The 9 Most Brilliant Eyebrow Hacks On TikTok

Anyone who’s attempted to amp up their brows knows that one wrong move with a gel or a too-heavy sweep of your pencil can leave you looking like this little guy. Here are beauty TikTok’s best hacks for getting those brows just right, from using eyeshadow and micellar water to the connect-the-dots method. Read More

I Tried Butterfly Locs — Here’s Everything To Know Before Getting Them

The protective style is the perfect way to channel Ciara and Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock, but the before-prep looks different than it is for braids. Here’s everything you need to know, from how to moisturize your hair beforehand to instructions on how to take them out. Read More

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Annie Hamilton's Instagram Is Chaotic Good Personified

Annie Hamilton is not writing a novel, which might come as a surprise to the nearly 50,000 followers of her Instagram account, @soimwritinganovel. “I was dating a ‘has-been’ actor and then I ghosted him,” Hamilton, also an actor, tells Bustle. “Then he texted me out of the blue six months later saying, ‘I’m writing a novel.’ I thought it was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, so I made it my handle.” Part outrageous, part disarmingly personal — these are the kinds of stories that draw fans to Hamilton’s account. Read More

A Classic Trench Is The Chic, Low-Maintenance Coat Every Wardrobe Needs

A sartorial magician, the right trench can transform even the most casual clothes into a look, even your sweats. A long one will give you a dash of drama and a dressier feel, while a shorter version works beautifully for petite frames, and generally have a spunkier, more casual feel — think Jane Birkin, in her belted version, with a red beret and heels. Read More


Here’s Your Daily Horoscope

Take advantage of that second wind. Read More

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