Bustle Newsletter: September 20, 2022

How to style fall's "ugliest" trends, a TikTok hack for perfect blush placement, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
Kim Kardashian wearing reflective sunglasses
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How To Style Fall’s Most Polarizing Trends, From Leg Warmers To Low-Rise Jeans

In the spirit of NYFW and the feminine urge for fall style reinvention ingrained in our collective subconscious thanks to the academic school calendar, Bustle’s fashion editor challenged Bustle staffers to incorporate the Internet’s most controversial trends (looking at you, athletic mirrored sunglasses) into their OOTDs. What follows is formal proof that just like Bella Hadid, you, too, can wear leg warmers and not look like a 15-year-old getting dropped off for ballet class. Read More

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I Tried Lady Gaga's Favorite Workout Machine & Now I'm Hooked

You know what they say, there can be 100 exercise machines in a room, and 99 of them don’t believe in you, but it only takes one. This is Lady Gaga’s one for when she needs to train her cardiovascular endurance before big performances. And if it’s good enough for the legend who did this, it’s good enough for me. Read More

TikTok Has An Easy Makeup Hack For Perfectly Applied Blush

There’s a lot of new placement-specific blush trends floating around TikTok, but if all you’re looking for is a standard rosy flush that accentuates your cheek bones, this technique works like a charm.Read More

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Every summer, Jen Weinstein and Lauren Parker decamp to Salcombe: a small, exclusive enclave of Fire Island where there’s no shortage of gossip amongst its seasonal residents. From infidelity to backstabbing, Salcombe has seen its fair share of scandal. But no amount of impropriety could prepare the town for what would happen when a body is discovered by the boardwalk. Read More

School Of Rock Changed Joe Keery’s Life Forever

First of all, same. Who here was not emotionally transformed by “Let’s rock, let’s rock, today”? Anyway, for Keery, it inspired him to take his musical ambitions more seriously. But even with his overnight heartthrob status after his turn in Stranger Things, he’s still insecure about releasing solo music. “It’s not lost on me that the majority of people are coming because they know of my work on the show and they’re interested to see what it’s all about,” he says. Here, he chats about his non-Jack Black influences, his weirdest songs, and more. Read More

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This isn’t your regular hyaluronic acid serum; it’s a cool hyaluronic acid serum. And by “cool” what I mean to say is that it might just replace your penchant for regular Botox. That’s cool right? Our lifestyle and beauty editor Rachel Lapidos certainly thought so. Read More


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