Bustle Newsletter: September 26, 2022

Tips for cuffing season, Halsey's new "pumpkin spice" pixie cut, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 27: Halsey attends 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Radhika ...
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8 (Completely Unserious) Tips To Make Your Cuffing Season A Success

Libra season is upon us, which means that the vibes will be extra flirty this month. However, it’s worth remembering that six (6) planets are still in retrograde, which tend to spur reassessment. So before you consider shooting your shot with the hot barista at your neighborhood coffee joint and officially embark on your cuffing season journey, think about what it is you’re truly looking for. Is it someone who’s just tall, or do you want them to also be nice? Can you date another Brad even though you’ve been with four already? Don’t be afraid to ask the important questions just so you can have a cute plus one for the company holiday party. Read More

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Halsey’s “Pumpkin Spice” Pixie Will Make You Want To Call Your Hairstylist, STAT

Pumpkin spice, now for your hair! But seriously, this color is such a good fall vibe — it’s like a softer, subtler take on the Kendall Jenner copper shade that’s been everywhere lately, with slightly more brown undertones. (That also might translate to longer-lasting color, because red tones tend to fade quickly, according to my stylist who accidentally made my hair a little more red than I asked for last time I was there.) Anyway, the more you know! Read More

15 Chrome Nail Polish Colors For An Easy, Mirror-Like Manicure

High-shine nails have been all over the red carpet lately — with stars like Lizzo, Chloe Fineman, and Anitta sporting the look — but unlike some celeb manicures, they’re actually super easy to DIY (or at least, you know, don’t cost a literal down payment). Read More

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Megan Rapinoe’s Relaxation Hack Is Super Dreamy

The two-time World Cup champion talks us through her breakfast staples, the sunscreen brand she’s been wearing for 10 years, and why she loves Pilates. Honestly, find me a celebrity who isn’t on about Pilates these days. Read More

The Cool Hair Color You Actor Tati Gabrielle Can't Wait To Try

The star of Netflix’s You and Uncharted is as much of a chameleon IRL as she is on-screen. Gabrielle has worn a wide range of styles from finger waves to Afros to platinum blond braids, but she’s currently rocking a mullet because she’s been surfing a lot. (Ugh, to be 20% as cool as her.) “I’m very much a person that listens to the ebbs and flows of my own energy. I go with how I feel and whoever I want to be for the day,” she tells Bustle. Here, she chats about her best hair moments and the color she’s thinking about next. Read More

Your October Tarot Reading Is Here

The call to action this month is to be honest about what is and isn’t working, so it’s an ideal time for creativity, heart-to-hearts, and important meetings. Whatever tough conversations you (smartly) put off during Mercury retrograde? Time to pencil them back in. Read More


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