Here’s The Spiritual Meaning Of December's New Moon

This solar eclipse will help us embrace our inner truth.

A woman paddleboards on a winter lake. Here's the spiritual meaning of december's new moon.
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The last new moon of the year is rising on Dec.3 PT/Dec. 4 ET, and it’s heralding in some unexpected opportunities, sudden new beginnings, and important life lessons. The December 2021 new moon will inspire us to open our minds to the new paths, paradigms, and possibilities that are unfolding before us. Everyone will feel the mystical and expansive power of this lunation, and its spiritual meaning will hit a chord in the heart of every zodiac sign.

New moons indicate that we’re entering a new lunar cycle, so they’re believed to astrologically align with beginnings and fresh starts of all kinds. That said, the cosmic quakes caused by this reset are set to be even more powerful this month, as the December 2021 new moon is also a solar eclipse — a celestial events that’s known for bringing swift changes and shocking realizations. This supercharged lunation takes place in the free-spirited and fiery sign of Sagittarius, so its spiritual meaning relates to truth, knowledge, and the evolution of our personal philosophies.

You won’t want to overlook the power that this lunation has to bring about growth and spiritual awakenings. Get the scoop on the December 2021 new moon’s spiritual meaning so you can fully embrace the change-filled vibes.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of December’s New Moon?

Full of sparks, surprises, and sudden shifts, the spiritual meaning of the December 2021 new moon will push us to expand our horizons and challenge our old beliefs about life. Sagittarius zodiac energy is independent, bold, and always hungry for knowledge, so this new moon could prompt radical changes in our belief systems or set us off on a new path of learning. With the sun and moon aligning in Sagittarius, staying stagnant simply won’t feel like a viable option under this lunation — movement is necessary, and getting out of our comfort zones is a must. We’ll all be asked to come to terms with our inner truth and take some risks in order to grow.

This year’s Sagittarius new moon is even more significant than usual given that it’s a total solar eclipse — and it happens to be the last eclipse that’ll take place on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac until 2029. Since June 2020, this eclipse cycle has woven an ongoing story of growth and change in our lives related to communication, learning, and expanding horizons. So while it may bring new beginnings, the events surrounding this eclipse will also feel like a culmination. We’re approaching the conclusion of a current life chapter and being asked to walk through new doors to embrace an unknown adventure.

How To Work With The December New Moon Energy

New moons are usually auspicious opportunities for setting intentions — and because this is the last new moon of the year, it seems like it’d be the perfect time to do so. However, because the December 2021 new moon is also an eclipse, it’s better to use its energy for reflection rather than manifestation. New moons don’t reflect any light — that’s why they’re sometimes called “dark moons” — and metaphorically, this explains why we tend to have quieter and more introspective experience under these lunations. Because this lunation is connected to a longer-spanning eclipse cycle, this is a beautiful time to reflect on the spiritual expansion and personal evolution we’ve experienced over the past two years. Seek answers to your heart’s burning questions by looking inward.

This new moon in Sagittarius will rise alongside communication planet Mercury, and this influence can inspire us to more clearly think through our new moon emotions and navigate the eclipse’s chaos with a stronger sense of logic. While trusting our own inner compass is going to be key during this eclipse, we can gain some helpful perspective on things by seeking out the wisdom of people who have more experience than us. Reach out to a mentor or chat with friends who have different belief systems to help you work through any difficult shifts — and get more comfortable with your own views and values.